Makeup tips from Paris Hilton

Written By bryanboy

Makeup tips from Paris Hilton

Someone tell Paris to lay off the jizz. The last thing you want on your face is hot, thick, creamy, milky white population paste.

More more more! How do you like it, how do you like it? More more more!


Paris, where’s your drug dealer when you need him? Cover that jizz and powder your nose!!

I guess it’s too late.

I still love you Paris! Happy birthday!!!!!!


  1. Dior_bitch

    ugh!WTF?her nose!her chest!Paris girl you are slipping!she needs to get her shit together

  2. what happened to your blog?! there’s really nothing about bryanboy, and just a lot of shit about other people. we don’t care about them. if i want to read gossip, then i’ll visit we care about YOU and your excesses. write about YOUR OWN LIFE.

  3. I agree with Mariko, what happened? I used to come here everyday and now I’m lucky to stop by once a month. Same with my friends in SF, they loved it….but now. Sorry Bryan you just aren’t pumping out the goods anymore. Swear, be bitchy, take photos….that’s what we want. If you change back to your old ways, give me a shout. I’ll come back!

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