Magic Powder: Emergen-c

My Mexican buddy Mauricio found this great little thing called "Emergen-c". Apparently it’s great for diets. It’s a magic powder full of vitamin C and other shit and you drink it. It gives you soo much energy. All the models take it. One of her friends is a model and takes two of these daily and all she eats is lettuce every day and she’s up and running like she ate a roast. It’s super amazing. It helps your immune system so you don’t have to eat (yuck) anything and still have energy. I’m impressed! She even lift weights because her trainer told her that lifting weights burns fat faster than running yet she looks bone thin. Go figure!

It comes in different flavours like cranberry, tangerine, orange, strawberry, black cherry, lime, etc. Super affordable, too. Give it a shot. I just placed an order myself.

US$8 – US$15 @ Mother Nature

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