Louis Vuitton Mink Messenger Bag…

Written By bryanboy

Louis Vuitton Mink Messenger Bag…


I popped by Louis Vuitton because my year-long ban is over and the giddy sales associates who missed my absence produly presented me this gorgeous oversized mink fur messenger bag with the most stunning python straps. They had it stored at the back of the store, away from the prying eyes of the public.

I’m not really a big fan of LV multicolore and to be honest with you, I gagged on the first time I saw this bag online because it looked incredibly gaudy.

When I saw it on the store, it wasn’t *THAT* bad. I actually thought it was pretty.

I mean, it was gaudy delight alright.

The silver python straps were blindingly gorgeous. The colours are sooo bright, the mink soooo soft.

The bag, is no doubt whatsoever, IN-YOUR-FACE.

It was screaming logo-a-gogo galore.

It was utterly tasteless, vulgar and 199% excessive.

But you know what, it’s sooo beautiful and I fucking love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Price tag: about US$15,000 ($14,993.75 to be precise)

That’s the price of two Birkin bags right there!


With my SUPER FABULOUS new job, how long do you think it will take to pay a (approx.) US$15,000 bag if I put it on the visa?

Do you like my new job??????? HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

Answers on a postcard silvous plait.

And while you’re at it, find me a way to get fifteen grand so I can buy that bag. LOL.

If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home! G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S! Flying first class… up in the sky… poppin champagne, livin my life in the fast lane.. I won’t change… for the glamorous, oh the flossy, flossy!


  1. Dior_bitch

    oh u fabulous bitch!!!!!that bag is hot!you really gagged when you first saw itas for the waistress job it would take you a while to get that bag…..unless you were doing something on the side…*wink wink* lol

  2. Hahaha! I like the way you dress sooooooo WEIRD!!! Kakatuwa ka BRB, pinagpatong-patong ang mga damit mo! So out of this world and pang extra terrestial (ET!) Soooooooo fabulous bagay na bagay sayo ang kabaduyan ng damit mo! HaHa!@ O baka di mo na i-post tong constructive criticsms (i also dont spell check.

  3. darling, i love this site and you, i even love a lot of what you pick out….but jesus christ! sort your wardrobe des horreour out from today!!! no doubt that is one photo you will look back on and die repeatedly whenever you see it!!
    louis vuitton is as fucking chav as it comes but they let you walk in there like that too? someone have a word with the manager….sweedie!

  4. That bag is so cute! If not the mink bag, please post your bag purchases for the past 1 year. Love love love to see your new bag collection.

  5. that, bryan, is the tackiest monstrosity of a bag i’ve ever seen.
    do no, i repeat, DO NOT spend 15 grand on that… thing.

  6. H E R M E S

    silje you idiot just shut your norwegian mouth.
    bryanboy, buy it. it’s hot.

  7. Ying Yang

    Gosh, I missed the entry where you announced your sex-change operation!! You’ve become a transexual!

  8. Mink? Fabulous.
    However, I’m not too thrilled with the green/yellow tights. Not just on you, but on ANYONE. Pink, orange, or black (the safe color) would have gone very well with that outfit.
    And what is that lipgloss you’re wearing? I’d like to try it out.

  9. Kikimoist

    Darling, u look like the Green Giant in those horrid tight…lose some weight…ur blog suck since you gain all the weight…

  10. you haven’t bought expensive stuff for years. you’re already broke that’s why.

  11. Is that belt Luella Bartley?
    It’s beautiful! I can’t believe you have that belt!

  12. fashionista

    PETA will hunt you down!!!
    you seriously dont want stella mccartney to put you on her shit list, do you???
    as for the outfit: i love the pieces individually, but you do look a little haggard…ambivalent…dare i say: confused…are we going for tranny chic now???
    lose the leggings!!! the girls at gofugyourself.com might just make you their brand new target
    and the hair looks gorgeous!!!
    PS: Jill Sander had this fabulous cropped lightweight jacket in soft pink for the Spring collection…i suggest getting pieces like that and leave the mink bag alone!!!

  13. jeweladdict

    honey have a high calorie milkshake from me. you seriously look like an exotic bird with those yellow tights. and whats with the outfit???? you’re all over the place! a woman on the verge is what comes to mind.

  14. are you channeling mischa barton now with the hideous i-dont-have-a-stylist-this-is-really-how-i-dress
    look??? come on BB puke green tights?! you can do better than that!

  15. Nina D' Lizard

    I hate what you’re wearing.
    Nothing matches. Combination of items look bad..so sorry. Just want to be honest.

  16. boybeater

    Are you bringing back the “BAGETS” days with your outfit?

  17. humane

    apparently death is fashionable. let’s all anally electrocute sweets little minks, tear off their skin, dye it in hideous patterns and try to sell it to naive label-obssesed whores like yourself for the price of a car.
    yeah, sounds like a good idea.


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