Kool Kandinsky

Written By bryanboy

Kool Kandinsky
I confess — I know absolutely NOTHING about art. I’m one of those people who, when they travel, would rather spend the entire night clubbing and sleep the following day instead of visiting 400,000 museums, looking at 500,000,000 pieces of glorified paintings that cost $600,000,000,000.

Anyway, art to me comes in the form of an Hermès silk scarf. Those $325 babies are always brimming with colour. But if you’re a cash-strapped blogger like moiself and could only indulge with Hermès once in a bluemoon, scarves from Guggenheim Museum will suffice. At $65 a pop, you too could wear art. In silk chiffon, of course.

Kandinsky Scarf, Black Lines (1913)
US$65 @ Guggenheim Museum

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  1. Hello Bryanbitch,
    Try this site http://www.xlart.com for your art shirt fix. My lover from Barcelona always brings me three shirts everytime he visits. They really have nice designs (How can you argue with masterpeices?). Not sure if they have anything in size zero though.

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