Kate Moss: The Face of Fashion


I despise this woman. *NOT!* She’s the chicest son of a bitch on the face of the planet. Well… yeah. Carine Roitfeld, too. Anyway, Kate is *NEVER* wrong. I have never ever ever infinity ever seen her look terrible. Put her in the most hideous outfit ever and she can still pull it off. Feed her the most hardcore drugs and get her intoxicated and she’s still fucking fabulous. Nobody does it better than her. NO ONE! She’s just soooo preeeeeettyyy!

Here’s a couple more shots of Kate at the UK’s National Portrait Gallery Face of Fashion series.

WTF Pete Doherty. Look at all the rings he’s got on his fingers!!!! I really love Kate’s dress. Smashing!

Chain smokers of the world unite! It’s nice to see someone who isn’t afraid to whip out a lovely marlboro light in front of the cameras. I’ve come across far too many people in my time who are soo concerned about their image/don’t wanna be caught with a fag etc/yaddi yaddi yadda because of the cigarette they’ve got in their hand.

Kate is absolutely stunning. *sigh*

Aging is finally catching up on her. But you know what, after decades of frequent drug use, chain smoking, sleep deprivation, stress, scandals and controversy, tell me if you manage to look THIS BEAUTIFUL.