Kate Moss: The Face of Fashion

Written By bryanboy

Kate Moss: The Face of Fashion


I despise this woman. *NOT!* She’s the chicest son of a bitch on the face of the planet. Well… yeah. Carine Roitfeld, too. Anyway, Kate is *NEVER* wrong. I have never ever ever infinity ever seen her look terrible. Put her in the most hideous outfit ever and she can still pull it off. Feed her the most hardcore drugs and get her intoxicated and she’s still fucking fabulous. Nobody does it better than her. NO ONE! She’s just soooo preeeeeettyyy!

Here’s a couple more shots of Kate at the UK’s National Portrait Gallery Face of Fashion series.

WTF Pete Doherty. Look at all the rings he’s got on his fingers!!!! I really love Kate’s dress. Smashing!

Chain smokers of the world unite! It’s nice to see someone who isn’t afraid to whip out a lovely marlboro light in front of the cameras. I’ve come across far too many people in my time who are soo concerned about their image/don’t wanna be caught with a fag etc/yaddi yaddi yadda because of the cigarette they’ve got in their hand.

Kate is absolutely stunning. *sigh*

Aging is finally catching up on her. But you know what, after decades of frequent drug use, chain smoking, sleep deprivation, stress, scandals and controversy, tell me if you manage to look THIS BEAUTIFUL.



  1. Joanna Marinova

    After all that Peter has done, and she is still with him, makes her look like a dumb ass desperate hoe

  2. pinoy ako

    That’s true Gwapito. He is a hypocrite and trying so hard to be white. He says the “third world is fabulous” but he never writes anything about his country. There is almost nothing pinoy on this site. He doesn’t even feature pinoy current events, celebrities or tv shows. All his “boys” are usually caucasion. I think he is too whitewashed. He portrays a lifestyle that is definitely not filipino. I wish he wrote more about this country and show how beautiful it is to the rest of the world instead of writing about expensive fashion and white celebrities.

  3. Bryan, Dont SaY ur Ugly…
    coz ur a BeuTiful Monkey! :D
    from: Your third WoRld CoUnTry.. m/

  4. bryanboy is allowed to write about whatever the hell she feels like, okay hmmm :P oh btw Bboy, u got a mention in one of my other favorite blogs Dlisted

  5. oh bug off about Bryan being whitewashed. it’s his blog and he writes whatever the hell he wants to write about it. and that’s why we bloody love him. he does made Philiphines looks damn good with his rich lifestyle.

  6. Nina D' Lizard

    We missed you writing a little something about your finds in the Philippines, I think you should BB. Although, you should still maintain about what you like to blog, maybe, if there are fashion or whatever finds that you can blog about that’s present in Manila, please do…we missed those.

  7. wOw..:P uR surelY d besT!!! writes anything under D sZUn..i admire u a lot “po” tlga..aihihih..:) kip it up..str8 up up..:)

  8. hey, BB is not a tourist guide here.. why tell him to write bout this country. to be recognize by the entire world..
    its his blog and he can fucking do anything he wants. whore and mess around. thats out of your business. you should’ve care less.
    his a obnoxious bitch. and we love him for that.
    so, place yourself in the laundry, and take a bleach.

  9. Ewww why do people think she is pretty I think kate moss is sooooo FUG and she has meth face.

  10. bb does not write anything about filipino celebs cuz they are all cheap.you can love philippines even though you are not obsessed with its third world shit

  11. I don’t really think Kate is that beautiful. I mean, yes, she’s fabulous being a model, but her beauty is not really so classic.

  12. i love how she’s standing right in front of the worst picture of her in the series :D

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