Karl Lagerfeld is GOD!

Written By bryanboy

Karl Lagerfeld is GOD!

Can someone please come up with a new word to describe Uncle Karl? Every time I watch videos of models backstage the only word they use to describe the granddaddy of it all who starved himself on a diet of fish and vegetables just to fit into Hedi is the word "GENIUS".

Yes, he’s a GENIUS! I love him to death but come on, surely there must be another word out there.

As always, he never disappoints.. here’s my favourite quote — I don’t think I got it 100% accurate but look towards the end of the video. I LOVE IT.

"There’s a new generation of models too, you saw the girls, they are flawless. some people say they are too skinny, i don’t think so. because their bones are narrow. people always talk about anorexia. that’s so grotesque, you know why, in the new generation, the bones are like this. they are very narrow… <snip snip blah blah> that’s not from me i’m not THAT big."


P.S. God. I need to lose weight myself. I’m soo obese too. Anyway, I have one word to describe Jennifer Hudson. FAT! I’m definitely gonna buy 10 copies of Vogue and plaster the cover on my walls. She’s the ultimate REVERSE TRIGGER!

PPSS. I love the people at MODTV. Download their podcasts on iTunes.

PPPSSS. I’m not saying fat is bad. I’m fat too you know. All I want to do is point out that Jennifer Hudson is FAT. I mean god… remember how Wintour & Co. FORCED Oprah to lose weight just to be on the cover of Vogue? And that’s Oprah!!!


  1. noseobsessed...

    Hi Bryanbitch…Just wanted 2 say…Don’t worry!-u r not fat…u r even 2 skinny…your problem is that u r fuckin ugly…I belive u haven’t got any mirrows at home…otherwise u wouldn’t say u’r fat…

  2. Remember what Mr. Lagerfeld said to André Leon Tally on Signé Chanel:
    This is some ring… you can open it…you can fill in cocaine or condoms maybe…
    I guess, that’s not exactly what he said, but you get the point…

  3. Nina D' Lizard

    In my opinion, Jennifer Hudson is a symbol of a different kind of Vogue, of the real woman who is interesting and exudes enough character worthy of a cover. I mean, I’m happy for her and would buy a copy of that Vogue to know more about her. Skinny isn’t the only thing in this world. (So, when will they put you in the cover BB???)

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