I have a life!

Ladiesssssssss! I am soo sorry for neglecting my blogging duties as of late. I think it’s best that I let y’all in on the shit I’m getting into these days. Second Life is WAYYYYY better than crack!!! It’s sooo addictive!!! I spend far too much time on this shit… it’s unbelievable. Like, 16 hours a day. NO KIDDING!!!

That’s me right there inside the sex house, just the way I like it, legs akimbo galore LOL!!!


Some of you out there probably have heard of it but the name of the game is "Second Life". I’m not sure whether I should call this a game or not but it’s definitely one of those "role-playing" things. Ever heard of the game SIMS? It’s kinda like that except it’s online — you get to create your own character and you build your own environent. You also get to interact with people around the world. Over 2 million users to be precise.

I joined Second Life last month but it’s only until earlier last week that I spent some serious time on it. It’s CRAZY!!!!

Apparently it’s soo popular that a lot of real-world companies are now building shit on Second Life. Even the Swedish Embassy (yes, for real) have a little outpost there. I’m not joking!!

Moi in front of my humble abode. I need to figure out how to make my own clothes cause most of the things available are fucking emo shit.

My teeny tiny house is still empty. Don’t worry though — I’ll be on the cover of Wallpaper* in no time. LOL. I pay like $4,000 a month on rent on my house.

Me with one of my neighbors. Her name is Madelena. She pretty much helped me in the early stages in acquiring my property. She’s a GODSEND!!!!

And yes, see that tree trunk above my door? I need to figure out a way to get rid of it too LOL.

That’s me FLYYYYYYYYYIIIIIING!!! I love the view of my little quiet neighborhood. It’s sooooo desperate housewives!!!

Look at the rules and regulations of our neighbourhood:

* * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING * * * * * * * * * * * *

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions for Marston Estates


To protect YOUR INVESTMENT  and to ensure the quality of life on our Sim is never threatened we insist on some simple rules. Your ownership of Marston Estates requires you to agree to these rules. Failure to respect these standards can ultimately result in the forfeiture of your property.

IMPORTANT: Land tier must be paid via the Rental Box or land will be automatically reclaimed. To aid a swift transaction and handover, please notify Marston Davids immediately of any land sales via Instant Message

1.) Our estate regions are residential with structures of no more than 2 stories and 20 meters high in total. Floating structures are permitted above 500m only. No eyesores please! This helps YOU to resell as and when you need to.

2.) They will be rated Mature.

3.) We request no unsightly billboards or signs.

4.) Homes and outbuildings must be kept within the confines of ones own land. No structures in the water other than mooring platforms.

5.) Landscaping must not hang over or otherwise encroach on a neighbors property.

6.) To ensure a stable, favorable environment for all residents, NO terraforming must be done.

7.) Waterways must be left intact and clear for other residents to use for boating.

8.) When selling your land, please provide Marston Davids with the purchasers name to ensure a smooth handover.

9.) There are to be no sandboxes other than those authorized by the management.

10.) Landscaping must be kept sympathetic to the area.

11.) Please be considerate of your neighbors when using scripts or scripted objects, the management reserves the right to insist on any excessive scripts or scripted object being removed.

12.) Marston Estates are to be a safe place to live and play, so please no harassment, stalking, littering or other anti-social behavior.

13.) You are responsible for the behavior of any guests that you invite to the Region.

14.) These are not Combat Regions and therefore combat is prohibited. Please leave your parcel set to ‘Safe (no damage)’

15) The land is provided on an ‘as is’ basis to residents. We endeavor to provide a pleasant experience in line with the expectations of our customers but can offer no guarantees of satisfaction.

Marston Estates reserves the right to evict for non-compliance or non-payment. No refunds will be given.


~~~This covenant can change without notice, it is your responsibility to keep up to date by checking the covenant regularly.~~~

Hello stranger! My god, everywhere I go those damn Swedes follow me. That’s a random stranger from Sweden. I think he’s from a town called "motola" or whatever. Motola? Motorola? Pfft.

Skinny jeans for the mother fucking win. LOL

One of those infomarketing shrines whatever. Sooo American.

Yes, you too can model! LOL

Soooo… any Second Life users out there? Add me as a friend!

My Second Life name is Bryanboy Soderberg and my home can be found in:

200 W. Fritz Avenue
Marston Region

:) :) :) :) :)

I love it!