Hill Billy High Hoe

I would totally get this look if I was a girl. This is the sort of shit I’d wear to go to the supermarket so all the fugly, minimum-waging boys will look at me. I’ll make sure I’ll wiggle my ass to the person behind me when I hand my credit card to the 16 year old cashier fuck to pay for a packet of marlboros and a can of red bull.

I’ll prolly throw in a little touch of color like white sunglasses or a red bracelet of some sort. Maybe orange perhaps?

Topshop Unique Playsuit – GBP70 @ Topshop
Bruno Pieters Mirror Belt – €150 @ Luisa Via Roma
Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Bag – €1195 @ Luisa Via Roma
Pierre Hardy Calf Wedge Sandals – €635 @ Luisa Via Roma

P.S. You know, I think a boy could pull off this look, too, if they replace the Pierre Hardy sandals with a pair of Dior Homme metallic shoes.