Coming Soon: America's Next Top Sex Offender

Written By bryanboy

Coming Soon: America’s Next Top Sex Offender

50 states, 3.8 million square smiles, over 2 million felons (figure not accurate but who gives a shit? Felons are hot!). Who is America’s Next Top Sex Offender? Find out soon… 


  1. bb, wer does this fixation of urs w pervs come from? r u a card-carrying member of NAMBLA? these r sick peeps that don’t deserve the time & effort u spend on them. they aughta b locked behind bars forever & the keys thrown away 4 good!!!

  2. noseobsessed...

    Bryan..4 gods sake…get a nose job done!your nose i huge and it covers more than a half of your fuckin face!r u blind hon?And 4 your sake…don’t show in public your portraits pics…Tryin 2 be as honest as u r!take my advice.

  3. “Your eyes says no, but your rectum says go!” – quote of the year! nice BB! keep em comin’

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