Christian Dior Ready to Wear/Pret-a-Porter Fall/Winter 2007-2008 FW 07-08: Grand & Glamorous

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Grand & Glamorous:
Christian Dior Ready to Wear/Pret-a-Porter Fall/Winter 2007-2008 FW 07-08

Stratospherically grand and outrageously glamorous, Big Daddy John Galliano definitely upped the prêt-a-porte ante with his latest collection for Christian Dior. When the pictures came in, I found myself ask the $64 million dollar question – IS THIS READY TO WEAR?

I love Christian Dior. I really do. But I’m kinda torn with this collection.

There’s just WAYYYY too much "lady-like" dressing.

Where are the clothes that one can wear during the day? All I see are beautiful jackets, coats, dresses, dresses, dresses, dresses and even more extravagant dresses. He definitely went overboard with sophistication and elegance. A few of the pieces look as if they are an extension of haute couture.

The diverse and vivid use of colour is brilliant.

The hats and headpieces are just mind-blowing though I’m not too keen on the Asian-style/vietnam farmer whatever pieces.

I also love the emphasis of fur in the arms.

The shoes, as always, are sky-high and the handbags are supremely lady-like.

This is my favourite jacket. GORGEOUS!

Here’s the entire collection…

pieces with haute couture references

Photo credits: Yahoo

It’s great to see Daria back!

Photo credits: Yahoo

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ostrich coat. Soooo rich and decadent!

Hats and headpieces!!!!

Sky-high shoes galore…. python and lizard.

I like this shoe….

The shape of the new Dior bag



I can’t wait to see the video.

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  1. Stunning! I agree, Galliano has upped the ante. None of the other collections even come near what he’s accomplished. Brava!

  2. ah yes good ostrich coat.. of course unless you’re kate moss/karan elson/anyhotmodelthing you’d look like an ass wearing it in public.

  3. fashionista

    as much as i think that galliano is a design god(dess)…and i totally would wear that orange pleated cocktail number with the orchid-like appendages on the bottom…god, am such a tranny…this is soooooo not pret-a-porter….this is demi-couture…none of these pieces are easily marketable…all fabulous but totally inapropro for the target demo…
    and Daria’s outfit looks cheap…no???
    i would personally like to have seen her in the soft pink one-shoulder bejeweled frock instead of that over-tulled fuschia ballgown
    the bags are fabulous…he may have borrowed inspration from Boucheron, not to mention Gucci, for the snake hardware.
    the shoes are absolutely fabulous and i have nothing bad to say about them…except they’re chunky as hell
    and as for the voluminous coats, they are so undeniably from the archives of Balenciaga…Ghesquierre must be fuming mad!!!

  4. You guys know that, only 80% of entire collection will be sold right? Same goes to Victor & Rolf… Only 80% of the collection hits the store shelf.
    I do agree that this collection has mere element from Haute Couture however, if you break down the outfits into garments.. majority of them can be woren :-)
    CD has a lot of money which they get them from shoes and bags.. so think this garments are more… experiental pieces? Show-ponies? Something John whipped it up in 5days!

  5. I think John is absolutely wonderful. I could see myself rockin’ a couple of these dresses. Bryan, you could rock one of the fabulous pairs of heels or the handbags. I think John went somewhere else on this collection. The Color, the shapes, the fabrics. I’m lovin’dude okay!

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