Bryanboy: Lethally Blond

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy: Lethally Blond

I have an oreo cookie and a kiss on the cheek up for grabs if you manage to guess how old I am on the photo and the year it was taken. It’s definitely wayyy back in the dark ages when they didn’t have coloured film pictures photography cameras whatever.

But then again, this photo could’ve been taken somewhere in bloody Eastern Europe for all I know. I just can’t remember far back! LOL.

My god. Look how chubby my cheeks were, not to mention the shiteous eyeglasses and the blond hair.

And to think, I’m actually considering getting my hair coloured.

Three cheers and snap snap reality.


  1. My best guestimate is….
    You’re 16 in that photo that was taken in…


  2. I’d say 17 and you were born in 1950. That makes you 57 years old. I think you should plan your retirement soon.

  3. olander badaso 4rm ph

    i agree with chaka! You look like him on his teens! LOL. Your photo cracked me up!

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