2007 Grammy Awards: Mandy Moore

Written By bryanboy

This atrocious young lady is the epitome of white trash!

You’re nice (and talented) girl Mandy… how could you possibly do this to yourself? You look like you’re a neo-hippy from the trailer park named Bobbie Ray. Oh and fyi, you gained soo much weight it’s not even funny. You look like like a fat pig. No, worse. Your face is sooo round and chubby and you look like a hippopotamus!!!

Darling, you have all the money and resources in the world. USE IT! Go to the gym! Get liposuction (or lipodissolve — that’s what I do)! Get a gastric bypass. Just do whatever it is you have to do in order to drop all that nasty weight.

Don’t forget to fire your stylist, too. That outfit only looks good on anorexic thin and tanned girls aka Rachel’s Zoe-mbies. And you’re not one of those.

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