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Does anyone know whether or not Anna Wintour went to the Grammys? With all these bitches in metallics, it would take wayyyy more than her trusty pair of Chanel sunglasses **AND** Andre Leon Talley (enough said) to protect someone’s eyes from this ludicrous and revolting display of SHINE, SHINE AND SHINE!!!!!!!!

#1 culprit? It’s no other than Ms. Vanessa Minnillo. Classic case of
"when bad things happen to good people". Her little silver sequined
number looks like a dress made out of those foldable reflecting sun shields for your car.


Photo credit: Wireimage

Click click click!

Yep, another culprit of this metallica mania is Predictable Polly!!

Sometimes, it’s best to state the obvious. You know, for posterity’s sake.

I love Hillary Duff’s dress! FAAAABULOUS little confection from Dolce & Gabbana. It’s really interesting to see former child stars evolve and try to detach themselves from their goodie-two shoed blonde past.

Is Petra really the "model" who clung on a tree during the Tsunami? Gawd. There’s just toooo much metal on her. I like the bag though.

Oh and why do I have a feeling her boobs are fake?

HOLOGRAM OVERLOAD! God, this Carrie Underwood character. She’s all over the place. She looks soo artificial and manufactured. The hair, the makeup, the jewels, the dress. Hello evening gown competition? She looks like she’s joining Miss Teen USA. Barf!

Photo credit: Gettyimages

See what I mean about Carrie Underwood? I’m telling you.. I’ve got
emotional scars!!! I bet you I won’t be able to sleep at night later.

I confess. I like the dress but I don’t like the person. End of story.

Ugh! The last thing I want is another busty fat blond with red lips and a cakeload of makeup. Brooke, don’t you have porn to make with your daddy Hulk? You belong to the playboy mansion, not the Grammys!

Photo credit: Wireimage

Lara Spencer looks like Brooke Hogan’s anorexic, plastic-surgery loving mother. She’s quite attractive for a middle-aged woman though. It’s just a shame that her taste in accessories is highly questionable. The bracelet, the belt and the shoes!!!! YOU FUCKING LOOK LIKE A NEW YORK CAB!!!!!! Doesn’t match the outfit AT ALL. With her career experience and frequent contact with celebrities and stylists, you’d expect that she knows better. Oh well.

Even Justin Timberlake joined the bandwagon with his jacket… Is it gray or shiny gray or what? I think I’ve gone color blind from all this shine extravaganza.

Anyway, gawd. Look at his face. He’s realllly getting old now. Not even makeup can hide the all those lines.

I think that’s all for now.

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I love you all!


  1. Girlie Boy

    I have to agree that Carrie Underwood looks like a Miss Teen USA candidate circa ’97. There is something hokey-pokey about this chick.

  2. Bryan Boy

    bryan ang cheap mo!!! you’re the biggest social climber! you’re a nobody!!! stop acting rich!!! whatever clothes you wear, you’re still pooor to me!!! PAREHO KAYO NG POKPOK NA DATING TINDERA SA LINEA ITALIA. MGA SOCIAL CLIMBERS. YUCK! YOU DONT EVEN HAVE A HOUSE IN FORBES NOR WACK WACK!!! SO PLEASE BRYAN BOY IS A POSER! A BIG POSER AT THAT!

  3. shylockforfuck

    god. poser is different from poseur. check your wiktionary. (can’t help it, sry!)

  4. i stil luv vanessa minnillo/mannilo (whats her name?!)LOL.. i heard she’s half filipina,, represented the fil-am community in ms.teen usa,, not 100% sure though

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