2007 Academy Awards: BITCH FIGHT OF THE VOICES!

Written By bryanboy

2007 Academy Awards: BITCH FIGHT OF THE VOICES!

Hahahah! I love how these bitches are trying to outdo each other. TEAM BEYONCE!

My god, look at Jennifer Hudson’s boobs. ENORMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. They are both HOTNESS soooo just stop the hating bryan just because she doesnt want to die of anorexia doesnt mean anything…. Get over yourself and go gain some damn weight… Being extremly thin is soooo very unattractive.

  2. Nina D' Lizard

    Don’t be envious BB, she’s fat but she has IT! Vogue cover, award, and all.

  3. jhud could hav lost those extra weight knowing she’s gna be up 4 oscars..that sure is very unattractive….

  4. I think Jennifer Hudson is truly an amazing and beautiful person. Who cares if she is a little bigger then the majority of Hollywood? First of all, the majority people on this earth do happen to be bigger. So, all the thin, emaciated looking people are really the out casts in this society.

  5. hudson hater

    she got no talent at all!!i just hate her…thinking she is the best huh??trying to cover up beyonce’s voice during the performance..and wats the point of singing beyonce’s “listen” so loud..suggesting she is better thn beyonce??she aint better thn beyonce at all!!..sucks like hell..anyway she aint deserve anything…is her boobs fake anyway??hoho..watever i don care i just wish she gonna broke one day..just hate her..don try to be better thn beyonce jennifer cause u aint no got beyonce and u aint better thn any1!

  6. hussein

    Man bryan, you have guts!!!i could puke seeing your thin-self!get something nutritious to eat man! Jennifer is someone to call a woman….which wind would you be able to stand still? get real!!!! don´t forget…eat something
    and Brandon just shot up!!!!!!

  7. bryanshot

    Doesn’t matter if Beyonce’s nominated or not. No matter how much awards Hudson gets, they won’t be able to change the way she looks (like shit) and most importantly her personality (shit…not like…just shit).
    Beyonce’s a beauty, and Hudson is not. It’s a fact, don’t even come out with the “hudson’s sexy and hudson’s normal looking” comments. I’m not saying she’s anormal, I’m saying she looks awful next to gorgeous Beyonce. And the third girl that sang with them has a gazillion times more talant than fat pig Hudson. And she’s gorgeous, too. She should’ve gotten an award, but no she got a small part because Hudson would step over her own mother if it meant money and fame for herself. She’s disgusting.

  8. wow….you are really sick bryan!!!!how many psychiatrist are taking session with?? you should fire them.they ain´t doing a good work on you!!!!go find something to play with!!!come on, go find something to play with!!!!

  9. Why don’t you faggots stop worrying about someones weight and go get a fucking life….

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