2007 Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress – Jennifer Hudson

Written By bryanboy

022607_oscars1_12007 Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress – Jennifer Hudson

Clearly this bulldozer of a woman is on a roll. She bagged it! She fucking bagged it!


"It should’ve been me!"

If I was Beyonce, I would’ve stormed to the stage and spiked Jennifer’s Hudson face with cyanide right then and there.

Burn bitch, burn in hell! I fucking hate you!

You know, I was watching the Tyra show the other day where Tyra interviewed Jennifer Hudson and that big fat bimbo (Hudson, not Tyra) was soo full of herself. I wanted to slap her right then and there. NO OUNCE OF HUMILITY WHATSOEVER. I could only wish death upon this bitch. Good ol’ Aliya Aleeyah Ali-yeah (whatever her name is) style. You know — private plane, EXCESSIVE baggage and all. Ugh! I hate her!!!!

(Photo credit: Reuters)

Cate Blanchett was robbed!

P.S. George Clooney please molest me. I’m yours!!! I don’t really like you or any old man for that matter but you were lookin soooo fucking hot out there. Now I know why all the women around the world finger their wet beaver-haired vaginas late at night thinking of you.


  1. I think her ass looks like a baked potato too. Can’t wait for her to disappear. Diana Ross needed to run up on her ass and give a good ol’ Supreme slap with Bouncy. Word!

  2. oh hell to tha fuckinq naw.. you uqly ass flat nosed bitch.. don’t talk about aaliyah like that.. she was a true qenuine person.. you wouldn’t knoe jack shit cuz u stuck in tha philippines.. please stay there cuz we don’t need yur disease here.. I aqree that tyra should qet smacked but don’t brinq aaliyah into tha picture

  3. Fag, ur stupid. Why would you wish DEATH upon someone simply because u dont like what they wear. And what u said about AALIYAH was totally uncalled for.

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