View From The Fourth Row

Written By bryanboy

View From The Fourth Row

I know, I know. I haven’t really "blogged" properly in the past week. I’m kinda depressed (long story) but rest assured, things will go back to normal soon. Promise. I haven’t camwhored in a while for god’s sake and I know you aaaaallll want pictures of me gallivating around the cesspit of the third world.


By the meantime, check out my latest discovery, a blog entitled "View From The Fourth Row". It’s written by a Conde Nast staffer… absolutely hilarious and I fucking love it. My mother might well be a fuckin bovine but I know I can sleep at night the obese cow ain’t two-faced. Haha!

Keep in touch maggots! I’m here and I’m queer. I just need to compose myself. That’s all.


  1. Extravaganza

    No, I don’t wanna see more pictures of you, I want to see you spending zillions on clothes and accesories and travelling around the world. That was the interesting thing about this blog until it became the borest thing on earth.

  2. Hey BB,
    I voted for you on the Bloggies 2007 thing. Hope you win and cheer up soon!

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