Top Twenty Tees

Written By bryanboy

Top Twenty Tees

You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes……… and tees! Shop, shop, shop!

Here are my Top Twenty Tees (in no particular order btw) that y’all should be wearing right here and right now. Wear them with heels! Accessorize them with lovely bracelets! Whether you wear them with slinky, shiny satinesque or silk shorts or the skinniest of jeans, these tees are guaranteed to be hot, hot hot!  If you’re a man and you can’t fit into a woman’s size large tee, the universe is sending you a sign — time to lose weight and get rid of excess pounds pronto!

Hellz Bellz "Good Gone Bad" Kate Moss t-shirt. US$35 @ 5 & A Dime

Img_note Bryanboy’s note: THIS IS THE T-SHIRT OF THE MOMENT. I *fucking* love it. Wear it with black skinny jeans, biker boots, a black bracelet of some sort, some cool black aviators and bam – effortless chic, just the way Madam Moss loves it. This tee comes in various colours — my other personal fave is the white tee with black and purple lettering. GORGEOUS! FUCKING GORGEOUS! When ordering, tell them you heard about it on *wink*

Heatherette for Human Rights Campaign "Love is Real" tee. US$38 @

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights org working to achieve GLBT equality. In layman’s terms, they work hard in behalf of faggots’ rights — faggots like you and me! These tees are exclusively designed for HRC by the fabulous quirky gay folks at Heatherette, no other than Richie Rich and Traver Rains. While you’re at their website, check out the Marc Jacobs tee for $38. All proceeds go to the HRC. Love is indeed real, betches!

Married to the Mob "That Bitch" tee US$36 @ 5 & A Dime

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Cha-ching! The tee says it all, really. Enough said. I love, love, love tees made by Married to the Mob. For real. This is the ultimate tee to wear when you’re on crack and feel like going on a little gossip spree with your girlfriends over lunch. For instance, overheard in Los Angeles – Woman #1: "Who is that sad, flamboyant person? Are we doing a before and after piece I don’t know about? He clung like a leech on super glue." Woman #2: "God. How awful." Woman #3 wearing "That Bitch" tee: "Meow." I love the innocent kiss mark at the bottom of the tee. Buy the t-shirt, boys and girls and tell 5 & A Dime sent you. 

dELiA*s Jewels tee, US$16, Rain on it tee, US$24, Call Me Blondie tee, US$32 and This is me tee, US$24. All @ dELiA*s.

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Thinspiration, anyone? dELiA*s is one of my best kept secrets. I’ve been shopping at dELiA*s for a little under a decade now. I remember getting the dELiA*s catalog back when I used to have subscribe to all those teen magazines like Seventeen, YM and worse, Teen Beat. Ugh, que horror. Remember Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Brad Renfro and Devon Sawa? Disgusting. Hahaha! But yeah… the bitches at dELiA*s have been dressing up American teenage girls for many, many years now. The clothes are cute and cheap — it’s the yank version of Topshop! I love them!!! Free shipping for all orders over US$75. Use promo code: DTAAFF. Valid until February 25, 2007!

Ann Demeulemeester "Je Ris…" print t-shirt. €133 @ Luisa Via Roma

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: I’m not too keen on this whole minimalist chic bollocks. Never liked it, never will. Remember at one point in the 90s when everyone wore Ann Dem and Helmut Lang? Look at what happened to them now. They’re both dead. In any case, I think it’s time to resurrect both of those labels…  I like the details and the shape of this tee. Fantastic. I’ll prolly wear the top with black fluid-y trousers and accessorize with something IN YOUR FACE. A massive cocktail ring with an enormous blue or citrine-coloured stone set in gold, perhaps?

a NY thing "Don’t be bitter" tee. US$40 @ a NY thing

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: if they’re big in Europe then they’re big enough for meeee. I’d love to get my hands on this tee. The design is sooo 1990s!!!! Don’t be bitter. Try harder. Be BETTER! Quite inspiring, if you ask me. Perfect to wear at the gym or when you’re jogging. Ya think those thin skeletal betches got all the luck in the world? Well, I’ll starve myself and exercise. That 85 pound body will soon be miiiiiine! LOL

Married to the Mob "Lips" tee. US$35 @ 5 & A Dime

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss Miss Kiss! I love the kiss marks — pure cheeky fun! If I was a chick, I’d totally wear this tee to go clubbing with a black English bowler hat, the longest strand of pearl necklace possible like until my crotch, kinda like a lariat, and then maybe some black silk or satin short short shorts with cuffs at the bottom and maybe some hardcore pumps.

Friendly Service Announcement From Your Neighbourhood Fag

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Don’t suck too much cock unless you wanna end up like that diseased fag above.

Givenchy star print jersey sleeveless t-shirt. €138 @ Luisa Via Roma

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: wear it with a fruity pink lip gloss, a killer tan, big, black sunglasses, multi-strand pearl bracelet or white "H" Hermes enamel bracelet, plain black micro shorts and black flip flops. Oversized crocodile clutch optional. It’s chic. It’s feminine. It’s Givenchy. How can you possibly go wrong?

Tory Burch Classic boatneck striped long-sleeve tee. US$115 @ Tory Burch

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Remember my theme this year? Eurotrash? Well.. this top is lovely. Wear it with a nice, black jacket in the city. Wear it with jeans, shorts, or heck, wear it with a black bikini at the beach. Classic and timeless tops like this get more mileage in my books. I also love the gold buttons detail on the shoulder.

Urban Outfitters Best Girls Vegas tee. US$24 @ Urban Outfitters

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Las Vegas is one of my dream destinations. It’s sin city for god’s sake. Also, I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be a Vegas showgirl. You know… outrageous costumes, enormous feather headpieces and thongs made out of swarovski crystals. I don’t think my mom would approve though. Thank god for this cute little tee from Urban Outfitters — the best girls are from Vegas! What would I wear it with? If I had a vagina, I’d wear this tee underneath a slick, black cocktail tube dress so that half the tee is only showing at the top.

Tens "Number Ten" tee. US$42 @ 5 & A Dime

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Her kiss. Her smile. Her perfume. No, it’s not Chanel No. 5 but it’s Tens from Los Angeles, purveyors of premium streetwear. I saw this tee at Colette and they’re selling it for 50 Euros, which is around US$62!!! crazy eh? Why buy it Euros when you can buy it in Donald Duck money? It’s cheaper, too.

Busted Tees "Rainbows are gay" tee. US$17.99 @ Busted Tees

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Catholic church = crucifix. Dirty homosexuals = rainbow. To this day, I don’t understand why gays around the world chose the rainbow as their oh, i dunno, insignia. Anyway, I like this t-shirt. It’s cute, cheesy and tacky. Ok, fine, I only chose this t-shirt cause I like the colour. I’m really digging yellow at the moment.

Ashish Snap fastern t-shirt with bow. GBP£125 @ Browns

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: This tee is sensational! I love how the tee is constructed. OOOOO the details! Soo soo cool. The sequined bow is atached to the t-shirt with popper fastenings and you can even change the shape of the tee as you like because popper fastenings are attached throughout the shirt.

Friendly Service Announcement From Your Neighbourhood Fag

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Need I say more? I really mean it!!! I hope the above image gives you nightmares.

Worn Free John Lennon "Bermuda" t-shirt. US$40 @

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: same exact replica of the "Bermuda" t-shirt worn by John Lennon back in 1980. Channel your inner rock star and snap up vintage tees at Worn Free.

Kris Van Assche "Love Hurts" tee. €88 @ Luisa Via Roma

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: You know, one of my ex-boyfriends, the one I had a relationship with for almost 2 years (trust me, there’s soo many things that are better left unsaid and forgotten), emailed me about a week ago (I haven’t spoken to him in the LONGEST time and I’m still shocked he somehow found my blog — he lives in NY!!!) saying "pretty shitty that u cant keep in touch or even respond or anything, considering you were my first love, first kiss, first anything but, whatever nice to see you’re alive, and kind of a star." The funny thing was, after he said wrote that sentence, he said "did you get any shoes from imelda?" I haven’t replied back and I feel terrible opening my inbox because I couldn’t get myself to email him. Why? Because… well, I don’t know why. I know one thing for sure though — LOVE HURTS.

KSUBI "Skelerope" tee. US$105 @ My Catwalk

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: I would love to see a fat person weighing over 100 pounds (that includes MOST of us) wear this t-shirt. I FUCKING LOVE IT. Get it before it’s REALLY sold out. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Y’all got these fat fashion bastards obsessed with skulls but why go for the head (and only the head) when you can be obsessed with the body???? Those Australian designers certainly know their thing.

Martin Margiela AIDS tee. US$70 @ Aloha Rag

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Belgian designer Martin Margiela’s AIDS t-shirt is one of the world’s most iconic fashion pieces. If Chanel comes out with a new 2.55 each and every season then Martin Margiela comes out with a new AIDS tee. Well, I think it’s iconic. Not because it’s Margiela, silly. All profits from the sale of this stenciled piece of beauty go to charity — AIDES. Go right ahead and take a look at your closet and tell me how many orange clothes you have. Make your Dutch sistahs proud and add this orange tee to your collection.

Marc Jacobs Multi-coloured, multi-layered t-shirt. US$1,295 @ Marc Jacobs

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: If you think the Lanvin multi-tiered tee is $$$ wait till you see this. THIS T-SHIRT IS SOO MEE!!!!!!! If only I was THAT thin. If only I have that $$$ to spend on a tee then I’d buy it on a snap! Unfortunately, my budget is only limited to Marc’s fusion line, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Maybe good ol’ Marc can send me free clothes? *sigh* Oh well. One can only dream eh? Wishfulthinkingdelusionsofgrandeurit’sfreetofantasize. Photo courtesy of American Vogue/Jan 07 via Mike. 

See By Chloe Logo and pins t-shirt. €63 @ Luisa Via Roma

Img_noteBryanboy’s note: Yellow is the colour of the season! If you dress up looking like a banana in the next few months to come then you’re IN the fashion club. Or you could buy this cute little top from See by Chloe. I love the colour, I love the details on the shoulder and I love the cute little pins. You could wear it with jeans… or you could wear it with super fitted skinny stretch beige or khaki equestrian-like pants tucked inside brown riding boots.

I think that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this month’s selection.

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax coming up next.

As always, email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. random and completely off topic here BUT, i just read your post on your skincare blah blah blah and read you dissing Proactiv (which is fine, whatever) but then at the bottom of the page is an ADVERTISEMENT OF PROACTIV complete with Jessica Simpson….ummmmmmmmmmm you SELL OUT you!!

  2. bryanboy, i am still fucked off. you stil.. i repeeeeeeeat my self.. still.. have not.. replied to my drawn on fashion labels! slut!

  3. you are so evil BryanBoy lol. I just ordered a shirt from Pillhead(Pink)from 5&A Dime. So 80’s trash I love it. Thank u for killing my bank acct j/k lol

  4. I love the LOVE HURTS tee, but the hell…88 Euro for a fucking t-shirt??? I guess i can replicate that shit. Thats hell of a cash…U can go for shopping spree in shanghai for that r even in the third world…Theres a shop called Philosophy for men (KL based) and owned by a gay designer. They got some nice stuff. Im not sure if they have it in the Philippines but i think they opened one shop in Mall of Asia. not sure tho but u can check it out…


  6. Delias?
    I’m so dissapointed in you Bryan, I never would have pegged you for trashy-hipster-chic.

  7. My God. Of all the posts I’ve read, this one made me want to forget your blog. PLEASE, don’t do these thingsever again. Anyway, I still luv yah…

  8. but the hell…88 Euro for a fucking t-shirt???
    try living in UK, $100 for a decent tee is average, $200 for a decent label.

  9. I live off delias jeans, they are one of the few affordable companies that makes jeans that will fit me. WOOOOO

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