Written By bryanboy


Nothing tastes so great in 30 seconds as thin feels your whole life. the greasy fry, it does not lie. The truth is written on your thigh. The difference between want and need is SELF CONTROL. The thinner is the winner. Thin has a taste all its own. A pleasure to the lips add 10 pounds to the hips. You cannot taste perfection, you can feel it. If it tastes good, it’s only trying to kill you.

YOU want to be thin. WE want to be thin. I want to be thin. YOU want to be painfully thin because to be thin requires dedication, discipline and self-control. Thin is beautiful repeat after me, thin is very beautiful. YOU want to be as light as hair so i’ll fly in th air, all bones and skin because THIN IS BEAUTIFUL.


  1. this is beautiful
    this is beautiful
    this is beautiful
    this is beautiful
    this is beautiful
    this is beautiful

  2. Ian Darric

    Hi Bryan. You are soooo thin. Unlike me. Keep it up, your fasionable self i mean. I draw inspiration from you.
    Anyway, its my birthday to day. This is so pathetic, but can you greet me here? :) Uh, less cuss will do. Thankee dear. *mwah mwah*
    -Ian M.

  3. You need an intervention, BB. Please don’t tell me you’re taking ana seriously. You’re so thin already and your new pictures are kinda gross!

  4. fafagest

    YOU LOOK JUST AMAZING! look at your legs, soooooooooooo long and sophisticated!

  5. fashionista

    with a bit more styling, this photo can be an editorial spread for a good fashion mag (except vogue…sorry, but you need a lot of styling for vogue)…
    i’d say lose the hat…what is it even? a beret??? not flattering at all.
    i would have rather seen you with some kind of chunky choker or layers of pearls to totally glam it up
    the oversized shirt…or is that a shirt-dress??? is f-in fantastic, and the stems are definitely outstanding in the stockings
    one more suggestion: when you have a pic taken, take it from a lower angle, this should give you more height and longer/leaner legs…
    hopefully, the next time i see you,you’re a bonafide editorial model!!!

  6. Antonio

    is that pic retouched ?? because from the pics of your trip with that fag from sweden your belly looks flufy and nasty
    and something else if you have enough money buy yourself a nicer dog what the hell is that shit ??? mixed breed ?? yuck

  7. PurpleVenus

    Thin is beautiful, thin is beautiful, thin is beautiful….uy chicharon….FUCK IT. I’ll be thin in my next life.
    Kudos to your THINNESS and extra Kudos for my TUBBINESS!

  8. You really are one hell of a writer, but seriously, i know som freakin teens who keep on seeing you as a role model, which is a position you seriously cannot handle (face it, you’re trying to spread a freakin epidemic eating disorders to the people). Which is so not sexy. The reason to why im writing this is not because im a fat lonley kid spending 24/7 at Mcdonalds.. hell no.. the thing is, you really are sick and as a matter of fact..YOU should actually spend some time at mickeys humble place..
    Cy’a bryan.

  9. Bravo! for walking your dog along filinvest alabang in just a long sleeves, pantyhose, and a boots….

  10. I’m sorry but are you a guy or girl? Seriously, guys shouldn’t be that thin, women like men with muscle! Not men that if you turn sideways you can’t see them -_-

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