The Similou – All This Love

Written By bryanboy

The Similou – All This Love

Reason # 450,103,578 why I love Sweden: All This Love!!!!!!! I downloaded this track ages ago and I found it again earlier while taking a poop. Anyway, I know it’s already 2007 and I’m a little too late in purging but what the heck, this song goes out to the man who gave me the biggest head fuck last year. What can I say… I’m a masochist. Whatevs. I love it!

(BTW, my lips are sealed. I know my life is made public via this blog and I did a damn good job separating "Bryanboy" and Bryan but there are things I still keep to myself, like my love life. Yes, it’s none of your fucking business and no, I haven’t said a single word yet about him on this blog until now.)

This track is PERFECT for MINCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!

City rooftop, summer night. In your tank top, rainbow styling. Last night, girl, like a dream. Never felt so good, sleepy smiling.

ALLLLLLLL THIIIIIIIIIIIIISS LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE SAVED UP FOR NOTHING, I never felt so blue. And all this love, rainbow styling. All this love saved up for nothing. And this will do me no good. And all this love, rainbow stylinggggggggggg!!!

Bryanboy loves it!


  1. Love Life?? Hah..Get real honey if you had a love life you would not be so high strung all the time. Maybe your friend should try fucking something other then your head.

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