The mothership is calling me.

Written By bryanboy

010807_mrsmThe mothership is calling me.

I really want to cry. I just got invited to a real, real ohmylordexclusivehelpme (as in once in a lifetime opportunity) dinner tomorrow night and I *REALLY* don’t have anything to wear.

I have exactly 24 hours. Can I go in my birthday suit with my pubic hair shaved into an interlocking CC logo or should I stay at home and cry?


I have a feeling it’s gonna be the latter.


  1. Beyotch

    Well well
    Emergency Plan!
    1) liter of vodka
    2) step into bathroom and take lots of happy-pills
    3) go to your wardrobe and go get fucked up
    4) Go to DATE
    The person sitting opposite to you will be soooo fucking horrified he’ll rip your clothes of and will make some nice manly-man-loving-in-the-bum to you
    Golden Hints
    Peace Love & Overdoses

  2. jo Kiss

    Forget the clothes!! Do you Know at least which handbag you re going to use?
    love ya!

  3. a dinner with who? why think of sumthing to wear when you can go naked LOL! take care bb! enjoy dinner!

  4. twinkletoesonspeed

    BB, best of luck!
    don’t worry, you’ll look fab whatever you wear to that fancy-schmancy dinner party. you can prolly work around that prada clutch for starters and you’re good to go!

  5. Wow dinner with Imelda! Sana BRB dont wear the attire you wear last time u had with Imelda. Di bagay sayo lalo yung may salamin ka sa mukha mo, nagmistulang kang lolo na, este lola pala with eye glasses!
    For a change how about a Barong Tagalog attire! Ano kaya ang isuot mo ay see through style na Barong Tagalog para kita ang mga buto-buto mo! Hahahahaha! Ay tiyak super bonggacious ka at matalbugan mo pa si Imeldific!

  6. Babe, your readers can reallly guess! Hats off to the comment posters for getting IT half right :)

  7. Coco Crakk

    Bryan GET IT OUTTA HERE. I know you could CRUSH a cute Chanel outfit for that evening. You know, like the one you wore in PARIS? I think it was Paris. The CHANEL LOOK! All black, minimalistic, pearls, nice Chanel belt around your SMALL waist, and cute boots…possibly loafers?
    And go ahead, shave off your hair. Who really cares. You are glamorous, and anyone who knows you, KNOWS THAT!

  8. you look messy in those pictures, and you look specially fucked in the second one.

  9. jeeze, balls up man and frickin go. You dont turn down and invitation like that…for NO REASON.

  10. Aww. Im so sorry you’re going through that… I know you will (and you probably did) come up with something. Ikaw pa? ;) I hope everything went well… and I really really hope you didn’t stay home just because you didn’t know what to wear (not that you didn’t have anything cuz im sure you do). I’d love to hear about how it went!

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