The Face: Carine Roitfeld

She’s the fiercest best-dressed bitch on the face of the planet and I love her to death.

And I want her t-shirt.

(Edited 11:13PM I think hers is a dress and not a tee but whatevs)


Not with her face though…

but MINE!

I spent around 10 minutes drawing my face and I fucking love it! Now all I need to do is find a nice t-shirt maker who will print my lovely design. You know what would be cool too? If I got my version EMBROIDERED, BEADED AND SEQUINED.

I don’t know if I should use my face (and only my face) or put a random quote like "My name is Bryan and you’re jealous that I’m pretty."

I think I’ll just use my face and keep it that way. Dontcha agree?

Am I fucking talented or what?