The Face: Carine Roitfeld

Written By bryanboy

The Face: Carine Roitfeld

She’s the fiercest best-dressed bitch on the face of the planet and I love her to death.

And I want her t-shirt.

(Edited 11:13PM I think hers is a dress and not a tee but whatevs)


Not with her face though…

but MINE!

I spent around 10 minutes drawing my face and I fucking love it! Now all I need to do is find a nice t-shirt maker who will print my lovely design. You know what would be cool too? If I got my version EMBROIDERED, BEADED AND SEQUINED.

I don’t know if I should use my face (and only my face) or put a random quote like "My name is Bryan and you’re jealous that I’m pretty."

I think I’ll just use my face and keep it that way. Dontcha agree?

Am I fucking talented or what?


  1. I like the quote though, perhaps you can have that cheekily on the arm somewhere, or round the back at the bottom, or neckline or something, but yes, that’s fit. I’d buy one (without the quote obv.)

  2. Hi!
    If you’re dead serious on having your little drawing printed on a shirt, you could buy those iron transfer things at National Bookstore. They only cost around a hundred pesos.
    Happy shirt printing! :D

  3. Ewwwwe…. she has no lips & her eyes are reminding me of a dead raccoon. Her nose is just about to sag into her lipless mouth plus
    her shiney lifeless skin matches her wobbley body language & expressionless face very well. Unlike you my dear BryanBoy babe.

  4. Couturefactory

    do you know where I can get one of the shirts? Ive seen them around , can put my little finger on it.

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