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Don’t hate me. Hate ageing. I was just looking for photos to send to a magazine who recently interviewed me via chat and tears trickled down to my face when I saw this batch of self-portraits I once took. My face might not be perfect and I have soo many flaws but god I looked so beautiful a little over a year ago…

What happened to that boy in the picture? Well… he stopped taking drugs, sobered up his act and gained 30 pounds. Is it a sin to be narcissistic? Definitely not. One thing is for certain though — it’s a sin to be "festively plump".

Do I bring camwhoring into a whole new level or what?

Anyone well-hung Scandinavian twinks out there who wanna give me a good ol’ bukkake facial?

Fall in line, bitches.

What’s your favourite photo?

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. Coco Crakk

    Bryan, DO! That hair cut is IN. I love it. Its so new-age chic. The whole flip, and sharp edge of it. WORK!

  2. I like the former last one, your head look really big compared to your body, like a lolly-pop head, your shoulders just seem to fade away ;)
    It’s cool, really, u whonder like, oooh, who’s that petite little cunt?
    one tip though: less lipgloss :)
    Peace Love and Snort Bitches
    X Firecrotch

  3. twinkletoesonspeed

    most definitely the last photo in the line-up. you look fab and sumptuous!
    much love!

  4. The first one because I can see into your eyes and the last one because your lips look so *ahem* luscious.

  5. ur lips are so damn gorgeous! i hate u! i wanna have lips like your..dra vicki belo, are u reading this? gimme a call

  6. omfg!
    You’re even prettier than i am! ugh. hate that.
    that skin of yours. divine.
    lurv all of them photos.

  7. hey bb! whats wrong with your page?
    everything’s out of alignment…
    i like the last pic btw! :)
    see ya!

  8. You are very good with fashion BryanBoy. However, please try not to shadowing the Hollywood “IT” girls’ styles and controversies. For example: dressing up like Nicole Richie, the Olsens wannabes, mentioning weight, drug issues and etc. People like myself will take noticed. The only way to become a legend/icon is individuality. Very important your pictures have zero sense of art. Do not be a wannabe. Step up to your game BryanBoy.

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