Pawn my fucking fat ass.

Written By bryanboy

Pawn my fucking fat ass.

Well… you know what they say. The show MUST go on. Who’s got the last laugh now betch?

Gawd. HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY LITTLE NARCISSISTIC SHRINE? I’m honestly perplexed why mean people out there get to have the luxury of free time. Don’t they have anything else to do other than hacking my site? I was busy having lunch (yes mother fuckers, lunch) with one of my former classmates who I haven’t seen in more than 8 years and a shitload of people called and sent me text messages, telling me my website got hacked. I thought it was some sort of a joke to scare the shit out of me so I told them it ain’t April Fools yet but little did I know it was true! Imagine the horror when I got back to this…

All of my entries were gone, same with all my images. Two and a half years’ worth of faggotry, gone down the shitter.

It really is not funny. I swear.

I know I’m supposed to back things up regularly but it’s hard.

Thank god Typepad was extremely helpful in the process.

Apparently some lunatic idiot on crack found/guessed my password, logged into my account and did his "haxor schmaxor" magic.

I learned my lesson — don’t use passwords that are easy to guess.

I fucking hate it!!!!!!

I mean, it’s not like I used 12341234 or anything like that. I really thought my password was hard to guess.

I was wrong.

I mean seriously… would you have guessed my password was "makemethin"?

I bet not.

Anyway, whoever did this to me is stupid.

According to Typepad, they also changed my password so I won’t be able to log on.

But what they didn’t do is change the email address of my Typepad account.

Stupid cunts!

For security’s sake, I’m gonna change my password on some of my accounts. This time I’ll make it harder to guess.


Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. oh my god! that IS indeed a disaster. so what happens now? is everything lost for good?? lets just hope whoever did that would get pathologically obese….

  2. that is so fucking rat shit! I so can’t believe that person did that.. what a shame!
    I guess in some way.. if you have had some bad posts or things u dont want people to the guy from dinner the other day etc etc.. but hell, that would totally rock me off my boat, people like this are just vindictive and jealous, also.. choose a sexy passwords that no one can EVER guess, something extremely and tottally weird, that no one will know!
    or even make up a word from a bunch of words you like, thats what i do.

  3. Damn, Bryanboy, that sucks.
    Next time, if you haven’t done so already, make your password a combination of insanely random words and numbers. I’m glad to see you bounce back from bullshit like this, and yes, the show must go on, whether the dumbass, shit-for-brains, waste-of-space, death-sentence-deserving-fucktard-hacker likes it or not.
    Of course, I like it, my favorite, fagulous blogger!
    Faggotry forever, bitches!
    baboosh, mothafucka

  4. I’ve never understood the hate in this world. Obviously the hacker has no life and spends their time being jealous of those who have.
    I’m glad your back.

  5. What kind of sad fucker does something like that! He just wants your fabulous life, and he can’t have it! Lets hope he gets acid in his eyes!
    Much Love from the UK!

  6. Mariko, I awarded the iPod to O.S. from Stockholm, Sweden. I cannot release their personal details due to privacy reasons.

  7. Nina d' Lizard

    I cried, I thought you were gone!
    I cried again now that you are back. I must be going insane.

  8. yeah that idiot is a loser
    he has nothing better to do?
    pathetic haxor. probably a noob too.
    if i was that i could have made something better and more grandeur than just posting
    what a wimp.
    he/she/it could have posted something
    worth remembering for his/her/its own greatness

  9. Bryan I am glad you are back. I was shocked too…I was about to post it on my blog…I wasnt sure if you left….or someone hacked your site. Some folks have nothing better to do. I love ya diva -licious !!!!

  10. Christina

    “Who’s got the last laugh now betch?”
    Ahahah, I’m glad to see your still keeping humor in this situation. I think everything will be ok though, because when I clicked on the hax0r post, I could go back and read the older ones, like the ones about Imelda and stuff. They just made it appear as if you couldn’t.
    At least now you’ve learned your lesson now about passwords, so this cloud will have a silver lining.

  11. thanks GOD everything is alright now!
    cant bear it if that bitch hacker did succeed!
    be more careful with your password next time.
    Take Care and Love lots bryanboy!

  12. You and Trent (pinkisthenewblog) got hacked at around about the same time!!!
    Must be “International Hackers Day” or something.

  13. Your password was not “guessed”. Who do you think would spend hours just guessing a faggots pass?
    Don’t trust your boyfriend for all we know he’s a hacker or at worst a typepad user as well.
    For all we know your new and more difficult password is “makemethinner”

  14. I dislike hackers. They don’t have anything better to do in their little pathetic lives. Glad you got your page back.

  15. You’re still around. Thank God. Love love love all the way from Sweden
    (You’re on my blog today, and I’ll write something else about you in a couple of days…)

  16. ok that retard needs to learn how to type in english…. hoenstly the whole thing with the z’s etc. is annoying and a disgrace to the human language… i love how while some people use their computer powers to make mozilla firefox, open form software etc. this asshole hacks on to your site. Im glad I have a life and dont have to sit around on my computer for hours trying to get my entertainment.

  17. olander badaso from ph

    i thought we lost u there, bb. i was worried a bit. uve got to use alphanumerics for your pass. ur pass is dumb even children who knows you can arbitrarily and easily guess it. no mean to offend.

  18. You shouldn’t worry much the list IP that was still LackTracking you won’t be a problem anymore. Your site wasn’t hacked the password was only put in 4 times incorrect. Next time be sure you have no one around that can recall your password and turn off password fill forms.
    Yours truely,

  19. Another thing plz explain to your friends > HAXOR < or as in hackers is kinda noobest. Not every HAXOR is a mean person. I prefer the term people's best friend, but the person who did this is a amatur. It happens change your passwords every 2 weeks.

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