Paris Hilton: Herpes medication, anyone?

I seriously thought it was just some old rumor and nothing else (yes, I know I’m naive but one of my best qualities is that I give people the benefit of the doubt hahaha) but man, this is revolting. Isn’t herpes FOR LIFE? I must be REAAAALLLY lucky. I’ve had sex with a little over 380 guys in my entire life and the only thing I’ve caught is crabs — once — and I was like 15 or 16. It truly is a miracle that I’m a bouncing, healthy fat baby boy with no disease.

Now this is something else. Click click click click click!

Click here for the full-sized scan.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s HIV poz. I still like her though. She’s got lots of money for medication anyway to keep her CD4 count high and her viral load low so expect her to be slutting the international seas for a long, very long time. God, I can’t believe I know so much shit about aids, I should be an activist. Double anal bareback creampie anyone? Pump and dump? Party and play? I don’t know about you but I fucking love it when guys fuck me really hard bareback then shoot their load just right outside my hole and then shove it all back in.

I got fucked in the butt for coke.

I’m kidding.


P.S. With all this Paris Exposed shit going on, does anyone know when the new Simple Life is gonna come out?