On The 6: Miss Cleo is that you?

Written By bryanboy

On The 6: Miss Cleo is that you?

I’ll suck your cock and give you an oreo cookie (or play with your tits if you’re a bulldyke) if you manage to guess the city where this photo was taken.

Answers on a postcard… I spit and I don’t swallow. I know there’s a 1-900-Miss Cleo in you so fire away your bestimates!

BLRC coming up shortly.


  1. Let me guess…
    You want to fool us into thinking that the photo was taken in Sweden because of the newspaper, yes?
    That handle is familiar so I vote for London, England.

  2. I’d say…… i’d stick with Sweden! ^^
    BB, I may not comment on your blog everytime Im here, but I am always here! It’s my 20th, and I was wondrin` if you could drop by my blog and wish me happy birthday. It’ll make my day.. ^^ thanks
    Have a good one.

  3. Stockholm, Sweden on the subway.. trust me I have seen the stickers with my oun eyes ..

  4. Stockholm, Sweden on the Subway.. trust me i have seen the stickers my selfe ..

  5. mrt 3, Recto to Santolan line! and the newspaper was a subscription for your Sveedizh suga daddy!

  6. Free Spirit

    The newspaper is “Dagens Nyheter”, published in Stockholm, Sweden.

  7. Suckas, its from STOCKHOLM, that’s our new subwaycars and thats our newspaper. /discussion

  8. Since I´m from Stockholm, Sweden I dare to say it´s from Stockholm, on the subway..

  9. Jag skulle gissa på Stockholm!
    Du har ju så många svenska kompisar så du borde ju kunna få hjälp med att läsa vad det står här BryanBoy.

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