Separated at birth.

Most of you (90% of my readers to be precise) probably won’t understand what I’m talking about so I’m leaving this one out to my fellow countrymen.

I’m so glad the Manny Pacquiao fever is over. Can you imagine? There was a time when this man monopolized the entire country for what? For winning a few medals and competitions here and there for boxing. I swear to god, he sent the entire third world to a halt, got all these corporate endorsements and rumors went flying that he’s gonna be running for politics. A lot of Filipinos kissed his ass because of all the publicity he got — politicians and pathetic mother fuckers clung to him like leeches on super glue. He was also labelled as some sort of a "hero" (or a "god") and monuments were literally erected to his honor. Bitch please. It’s one thing to recognize someone for his talents but a lot of people here went above and beyond the royal treatment and worshipped him like god. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and I’m proud that he’s able to win all these boxing matches yaddi yaddi yadda but everything was just a little too extreme. I love the blogger who called him a monkey. Three cheers for freedom of speech. I feel sorry for the young girl though. She got all these death threats from people and now her website is down. I think she vanished from the face of the planet. Anyway, I kept my silence throughout all this time and when I saw this photo on the paper last week, I just knew I had to post it here.