Meryl Streep is my homegirl.

Written By bryanboy

Meryl Streep is my homegirl!

A big, big congratulations to Meryl Streep for winning a Golden Globe award.

Oh and Salma Hayek, please fire your stylist. Everything about your ‘look’ is wrong. You look like a big fat clown in a big, white gown. Your accesories are terrible, too. What is wrong with you? As for that whore Sienna Miller — your face looked like a well-oiled frying pan. Is it crystal meth that’s causing all that sweat?

Maybe I should replace my TV set. No? My Golden Globes report coming up shortly.


  1. Oh yeah, Salma Hayek looked so bad! And Sienna seems got harassed or probably just got out of bed the last minute, got dressed and ran! Have you notice Angelina Jolie? She’s getting thinner every public appearance. Look at her red carpet photos with Brad, the shoulder bones and the “veiny” wrist!!!

  2. twinkletoesonspeed

    ditto on the salma hayek comment. she could’ve done much, much better.
    angelina does look divine, however, she does have the zombie hands. methinks time with the kids is taking its toll on brad pitt. he looks haggard. seriously.
    and did you see cameron diaz’s dress??

  3. LOL @ BLAIR – of course that’s not Meryl Streep. She won for Devil Wears Prada, wherein the character she played was based loosely on Ana Wintour!

  4. christine

    you need to strut your stuff @ the red carpet, bryanboy!!! they will learn “style” like never before!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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