Malcolm McLaren: Madam Butterfly

Written By bryanboy

Malcolm McLaren: Madam Butterfly

I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!! I haven’t seen the original Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S07 video yet but I have a feeling they used "Madam Butterfly" by Puccini; Malcolm McLaren (1984). You guys know how MUUCHHHHH I fucking love Malcolm McLaren.

Sing after me: Calling Butterfly, Madam Butterfly… that’s the name he used to give me… he’s my man till the day I die… Oh sweet Butterfly, so sweet Butterfly… She’s waiting… He’ll be back, I have faith in this love track.


  1. Queen Bee

    Hey Bryanboy
    how’s your 2468 going?
    I’m really into the imitate the super-model look right now. I was just wondering, if you like could do some crazy post bout Snejana Onopka. This Girl is sooo amazing! She’s naturally thin, pictures of her youth show that. She’s beautiful. So nice.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. peter som's wife

    the worst track dior used in the dior couture is the song “immortality” by celine dion…
    i have the video (200mb) and i thought it wasnt the real soundtrack, but i was wrong….
    i was a very disappointed with the music they came up with… all random stuff…
    good thing they didnt put spice girls track there….lol

  3. NYCFashionWHORE

    Hey… I’m sure you’ve seen the Dior show video by now. It’s on a lot of sites… I caught it on AMAZING!!! Legendary skinny bitch Shalom Harlow let the young girls know how it’s really done.

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