Louis Vuitton Miroir Speedy

Written By bryanboy

Louis Vuitton Miroir Speedy

Here’s the gold one.

Gaudy galore!!! We all know I love gaudy though. I have a feeling the silver is much better but they don’t have it at the store.


  1. wai_lam

    Hey Bryanboy,
    Oh, so I see you year long LV ban is over? I knew you couldn’t resist the cliched monogram canvas any longer, heheh! Although I must admit that the silver one does look hot.
    Besides I remember you saying you didn’t like the look of the monogram miroir a few months back when you showd us those preview pics.
    Anyways, your blog is amazing, ever so entertaining in the most trashiest and vulgar way. Keep it up you f**king whore.

  2. Youre so damn right, that thing is sooooooo gaudy and if we see your little booty walking around in a LV bikini next I will be so over you bitch.

  3. hey bryanboy, i really miss posts like this. your blog used to be about EXTRAVAGANT shopping, and people lived vicariously through you (i did).
    i like the posts about fashion, more than the sexually-charged ones. show the world that third world vermins like you (LOL) can shop better than most first world dykes!

  4. Nina D' Lizard

    I want that LV Miroir!!! I want it!!!!!! Keep up the extravagance and the blingbling BB, I love you more for it!!!

  5. i hate all this power 80’s overruns.
    but yea, the silver one is kind of growing on me.
    eeeei, bryanboy i hate you for stealing those aviators from i love you!
    you are euro-trash indeed!

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