Let’s play a game!

I’ll finger your warm, wet orifice and give you an oreo cookie if you manage to guess which head belongs to the disgusting gross body below. Sooo nasty eh? Now you know why I’m having a nervous breakdown. 2468 come on gals let’s lose some weight!

(EDIT 1:00PM – Gotta remove the 2 nasty pics from my home page. I can’t stand seeing em, I swear!)

Click click click!

Answers on a postcard silvous plait.

Kindly refrain from making side comments because the CIA is already on my case. Please don’t hurt my feelings. SOMEONE OUT THERE IS SPIKING MY SHIT WITH STEROIDS (OR GOD KNOWS WHAT SUBSTANCE) RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE!!!!!!

We’re gonna find the perpetrator of this crime against faggotry! 

Set that in stone bitches!!!!