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Y’all better buy me that "I Beat Anorexia!" t-shirt after the binge I had at McDonald’s earlier this morning.

2 double cheeseburgers, 2 large cokes, 2 large fries and 2 x 6pc chicken nuggets in a span of 2 hours. I’m gonna be soo screwed for life but what the heck, we only get to live once and when it’s over, it’s over. Why deprive ourselves? There’s always liposuction and collonic irrigation.

Gawwwwd. It’s 1AM on a Sunday and I just want to crawl back to bed. I’ve spent the entire day yesterday (Saturday) sleeping.

I went out early on Friday night because one of my friends is moving back to Australia after spending a year here in the third world. It’s kinda sad but I know the bitch will come back on March/April — as a REAL diplomat. The whore got offered a job a diplomatic position at the kangaroo embassy and now it’s up to her whether or not she’ll take the offer. Oh well.

We met up at our usual haunt, M Cafe, for crab cakes and cocktails, followed by a quick trip to the club (Cuisine/Embassy) for more drinks. We also went to the gay club, Government, for a sneak peek before dropping by McDonald’s for a post-clubbing snack, which, in my case, turned out to be a binge.

I’m really getting old and I’m turning into a stale twenty-something. All I had last night were:

10 is reasonable. Got a little tipsy but not drunk. It usually take about a dozen and a half cocktails to lose my inhibitions and about 2 dozen for me to lose my morals.

Who am I kidding? I absolutely have no inhibitions whatsoever and I lost all my morals when I was 12.

Overall it was a fun night. I got home at around 4AM, which is still within the bounds of normalcy.

To be honest with you, I feel kinda guilty cause I know I’m supposed to be sad cause my friend is leaving but I’m really not that bothered. I mean, I’m sad but not like you know, "sad sad sad oh my god I’m gonna miss you" sad sad.

I think I’m used to "it" by now… like what I said before, I churn friends/people more than anyone and people come and go to my life like the revolving doors at Selfridges.


Let’s play pictionary now, shall we?

People stare. Make it worth their while. Hahahahahaha!

Chomp. Chew. Swallow. Purge. Do I look like I got zombie hands like Nicole?

I don’t know HOW I did it but I even managed to make that burger look gay. My father must be proud!

Don’t you just love the fact that I resemble a lower primate with a limp wrist?

I make your average queer look like WWF wrestlers. No amount of shades and clothes can cover up my faggotry. My little oversized Marc Jacobs top matches the McDonald’s bags in my hand.

Today’s Obligatory Paparazzi Shot

Scratch and sniff.

As always, you know how to get hold of my moist hairy mangina. Email bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I’ll update in a bit.

I love you all!


  1. You’re fucking fabulous, Bryanboy. You’re the sole reason why I have aspirations of having my very own Hermes Birkin.

  2. question is? did you really eat it?
    the burgers are still at one piece and the other things are still wrapped!!!
    anyways mc donald’s food are very unhealthy..
    u can still be thin and healthy..

  3. That was a Marc Jacobs top? And here I thought it was a nice dress for a young man to go clubbing in. Shows you how much I know.

  4. omg!
    i want that macdonald too b..>!!
    anyway, why dun u visit ur friens at Australia then?
    luv Bryan, always!!
    nb:still waiting GAY-O-METER ver2.0 !!

  5. kojimoto discotheque

    my dear! where is our picture in government?! i was sooooo excited to see you pa naman. i have a copy though :) wanna see? it’s FIERCE.

  6. Hey BB!
    I saw you at Embassy the other day and my friends wanted to approach you to get our pictures taken but you look so snooty. I told them you’re nice naman but they said you glanced at their table and rolled your eyes.
    I hope you’re not a snob because we ADORE you!!!

  7. You’re so full of shit, pretending you ate all that food at Mackie D’s. I don’t think you ate that burger and you probably gave it to your driver.

  8. dude thats what happens when you deprive yourself of food-you binge.
    love the shirt, not so sure about the jacket though.

  9. That’s what happens to me too..I love your new hairstyle by the way. very sophisticated. Love the outfit too…What can we say, you really steal the show you know. Luv Yah

  10. I don’t care Bry. I miss you and I love you. Fat ass and gut and all… And about that night, P.S ‘We are in love’

  11. mcdonalds is the work of the devil(even though the sundae is to die for).
    If you want something that won’t make you look like star jones,go to cibo and have a salad instead.Love the shades by the way:).

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