God help me.

Written By bryanboy

Tom Ford God help me.

I’ve been working on this super lengthy "investigative" piece that involves faggots for quite some time now and I’m one click away from publishing it. There’s a shitload of people involved and everything that happened is real & factual (I saved proof and evidence, such as conversations, pictures of genitals etc.) The thing is, I am soo scared and I’m positive I’ll get myself into trouble.

I’m having doubts whether I should publish it though. There’s a chance that I’ll be needing a lawyer AND 20 bodyguards to protect me as soon as it goes out. It’s sooo scandalous. For real. The gay community will HATE ME even more!!!!! Hahahaha! I’m 20000% sure that everyone left and right, from Acapulco to Zaire, will talk (or laugh) about it and my life will change forever. I really, really enjoy the freedom that I have at the moment and the idea of hiding somewhere where nobody knows me is something I don’t want to do. For the record, the Philippines is the 2nd most dangerous country when it comes to people in the media, next to Iraq. Not that I’m a member of the media or anything but people really get killed here.

Anyway, yes, the whole world loves me and all that bullcrap but there’s nothing the world can do when it comes to solving problems in the third world. Unless there’s a fairy godfather out there who is willing to provide me the services of such people FOR FREE, I don’t think I’m gonna post it on my site. It’s really sad though because I’ve put sooo much time, dedication, effort and research… and a lot of people might learn something from it.

I think I’ll save it as a "draft" for now. God I hate self-censorship.

P.S. Send me an SMS +63.915.785.1492. I’m on my way to McDonald’s. Sundays are binge days. I’m gonna treat myself a happy meal.


  1. Omg.. this sounds fucken delectable what you have created..
    Hmmm.. when is the mega cunt from hell guna show it to us! BRING IT OAAAWN

  2. hey Brian can you make a list of the hottest “straight-acting” maricons in Philippine showbiz, that will be really interesting (don’t forget to post their photos!)

  3. publish it bitch!!!!! We want to know! You have all our support and love!

  4. Show us!!. If anything you can come to Uruguay. Its also a fabulous, brown, third world country. Uruguay loves Bryanboy!!!

  5. Dorienne

    Ooooh, what a flaming tease! You just want me to beg…and I will!!! Please, please, my effervescent, irreverent, svelte (so.hate.you. j/k), and scintillating fav gay…print it! You know you will…the world *needs* to know!

  6. Fuck u BRB! One of those narcisse and supposed anniversary give-away announcements that never happened!
    Malandi at sinungaling ka! Bruha!
    You just want to arouse the interest of your declining reader’s following!
    One of your fairy tale concoctions!
    FUCK U AND LUV YAH! hahahaha!

  7. liza – i don’t really know a lot of filiflippin filipino showbiz names/personalities and frankly, i have ZERO interest with them.

  8. Please please please – – you are making my mouth water – – spill the beans! I SOOO WANNA KNOW!
    Lovelots from the US!!

  9. Beyotch

    Dear Bryanboy
    Even though it’d be Donald Trump getting his balls polished by Janice Dickinson, or Paris Hilton giving Nicole Richie a hard-on….I mean where’s the bitch in you Bryanboy, let it all out honey.
    Peace Love & Creditcards

  10. bbbbbbbbbbb

    it’s only dangerous in media when it involves politics. it’s the reason why corrupt politicians remain forever in power. they eliminate those who expose their wicked and corrupt lifestyle.
    if it involves the gay community, i don’t think they will have you killed for exposing unless it’s a gay politician that you’re talking about

  11. imbento

    Asus! para namang magkakatotoo yan. Eh ang dami mo naman sinabi na hindi nangyari.
    Isa kang GG-an! Isa kang Scientist! Isa kang Scriptwriter!
    As if naman meron pa pumapansin sa mga ka- ululan mo.
    Tang ina Ka! Sana maging STRAIGHT ka!

  12. I’m absolutely THRILLED that you like my blog. I cannot be more proud at the moment. And you: your blog is going well I see. I’ll definitely be back to read more… Keep it up!
    love love and love all the way from Sweden

  13. Hay sarap basahin ng comments ni Imbento! Talagang totoo ang sinabi mo kay Brian na mapag-imbento!
    Kaya tuwang-tuwa ang mga uto-utong fans ni Brian sa kanyang mga kuno-kuno pangyayari!

  14. yourabitch

    look if BRB is gettin’ through your nerves.. and you literary, want to rip his head! then il give you a hint bitches! move your mouse,go to X button click it!and thats it!betteryet,throw your pc/laptop watever i dont care and shoo! it will surely fly away,coz theres no room 4 “thick-heads” like YOU! yes YOU!u all know hu u r!
    im no fan of him but i have liberal kind of thinking! so whether his bein too obnoxious in some ways! so! thats hu he is!and i tink he’ll nver change juz for who?4 a filthy bitch like you! ohh i bet!

  15. While your ideas about getting in trouble might sound pretty good…. if you are thinking about a project where youre conversing with me who are married or supposedly straight but living a double life, who are you hurting? no one becuase the downlow bastards shouldnt be lying to themselves and more importantly, those they supposedly love. SO i say you post it. youre not the first or the last and im sure women, and men of course, all around the world will appreciate your hard work. wheres the need for trouble when all youre doing is posting conversations and such? its public knowledge… no need for trouble. they should have thought before they dealt with the bitch of all fabulosity!

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