Tom Ford God help me.

I’ve been working on this super lengthy "investigative" piece that involves faggots for quite some time now and I’m one click away from publishing it. There’s a shitload of people involved and everything that happened is real & factual (I saved proof and evidence, such as conversations, pictures of genitals etc.) The thing is, I am soo scared and I’m positive I’ll get myself into trouble.

I’m having doubts whether I should publish it though. There’s a chance that I’ll be needing a lawyer AND 20 bodyguards to protect me as soon as it goes out. It’s sooo scandalous. For real. The gay community will HATE ME even more!!!!! Hahahaha! I’m 20000% sure that everyone left and right, from Acapulco to Zaire, will talk (or laugh) about it and my life will change forever. I really, really enjoy the freedom that I have at the moment and the idea of hiding somewhere where nobody knows me is something I don’t want to do. For the record, the Philippines is the 2nd most dangerous country when it comes to people in the media, next to Iraq. Not that I’m a member of the media or anything but people really get killed here.

Anyway, yes, the whole world loves me and all that bullcrap but there’s nothing the world can do when it comes to solving problems in the third world. Unless there’s a fairy godfather out there who is willing to provide me the services of such people FOR FREE, I don’t think I’m gonna post it on my site. It’s really sad though because I’ve put sooo much time, dedication, effort and research… and a lot of people might learn something from it.

I think I’ll save it as a "draft" for now. God I hate self-censorship.

P.S. Send me an SMS +63.915.785.1492. I’m on my way to McDonald’s. Sundays are binge days. I’m gonna treat myself a happy meal.