Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2007

Written By bryanboy

Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2007

I’ve been away from the computer because of my hypertension scare — my blood pressure literally went up to 184/98 on Saturday brunch because I binged on crispy, crunchy, fried pork (aka crispy pata) so I ended up taking my dad’s hypertension medicine before going to the doctors. They told me to stay in bed all weekend… it’s my fault though cause I’ve been starving myself recently but hey… I want to be thin. So there…. no more fried pork for me. What was I thinking eating a cup-full of toxic anyway? *sigh* Proof that food… good ol’ delicious food.. can KILL YOU!!!!!!!

Trust me, I’d rather be a fragile skeleton wearing some of the world’s most decadent and lavish dresses than be a bouncing, healthy fat boy in normal, boring clothes. Ugh. The current state of my body is hideous but whatevs. Enough health talk… why talk about health when there’s haute couture!!!!!

00460mThe first thing I did when I went online today was search for couture — literally. As you know, it’s big daddy John’s 10th anniversary in the House of Christian Dior and I only have one thing to say (for now at least): 2007 is the year I’ll throw my dignity out the door and prostitute my tight brown Asian ass to a dirty, hairy, fat, old, bald (and extremely wealthy) Arab.

If there is one couture show that I keep my eye on season after season, it’s no other than John Galliano for Christian Dior. I’m not sure whether or not you’ve seen the latest collection but man… I really have no words. A lot of the pieces are breathtakingly beautiful — scrumptious colours, the amazing details, the Japonesque references and origami-like confections, the hair, the hats, the accessories, the jewels, the sky-high lizard shoes, the classic bukkake makeup… Erin O’Connor… oh and Shalom Harlow as the bride? My god, need I say more?

I don’t want to get too emotional (I still have tears on my face) but yeah, this collection is truly magnificent… haute couture at its finest..

and this is what big papa John does best.


Video courtesy of TheMode.Tv

Photos courtesy of wireimage

These are my favourite pieces:

Photos below courtesy of

Look at all the details!

That’s Alek Wek’s ankle. It’s probably bigger than my obese wrist. *sigh*

Is this fabric, feathers, or 500,000 butterflies intricately sewn into 1 dress? You tell me. Either way, it’s art. GORGEOUS!

Stunning hat.

Alek Wek, still alive and going strong…

Are those corals? Clever. I loooove "raw" and unpolished stones…

Intricate embroidery and FLAWLESS beadwork. Only haute couture baby…

My conversation with Mauricio went like this…. and he even made the effort to find me a dress to wear at the Oscars…

Bryanboy said: oh
Bryanboy said: my
Bryanboy said: god
Bryanboy said: i almost died
Bryanboy said: babe
Bryanboy said: i want i want i want
Bryanboy said: dresses
Bryanboy said: lavish dresses
Mauricio: fuck dior
Bryanboy: did u even see
Bryanboy: i had tears fall down my eyes
Bryanboy: i was sick for 3 days betch
Bryanboy: my blood pressure went up to 184/98
Mauricio: what a god awful collection
Bryanboy: fuck you
Bryanboy: criticize it then
Bryanboy: how is it awful?
Bryanboy: it’s the best johnny did so far
Mauricio: it’s crap
Mauricio: no
Mauricio: please
Mauricio: the sissi collection was much better
Mauricio: this one just looks sloppy
Mauricio: a true fashion eye can see that
Bryanboy: how is this sloppy?
Mauricio: sissi was the best
Mauricio: it was REAL couture
Mauricio: this looks like halloween
Mauricio: i’m sorry
Mauricio: i just know what’s good and what’s bad
Mauricio: i don’t live in a fantasy world
Bryanboy: lol
Bryanboy: so where do u live?
Bryanboy: elie??? hahaha
Mauricio: in harsh reality
Mauricio: and in my harsh reality, women don’t wear origami swans
Mauricio: most of that collection is a mess
Mauricio: and the shoes have to be the ugliest pieces of shit i have ever seen
Bryanboy: OMG
Mauricio: i’m barfing
Mauricio: they’re so awkward looking
Mauricio: i wouldn’t wish those upon the worst drag queen
Bryanboy: you really don’t like galliano do you
Mauricio: the first couple of years at dior were heaven – 97, 98
Mauricio: best of his career
Mauricio: don’t go out into the deep end bryan
Mauricio: you were on such a good path
Bryanboy: good path?
Bryanboy: what do u mean?
Mauricio: you were letting me be your fashion guide
Mauricio: when you do it yourself, you go to hell
Mauricio: stop it
Bryanboy: but you know i’m a dior girl at heart
Bryanboy: d-i-o-r
Mauricio: stop it
Mauricio: alaia
Mauricio: mugler
Mauricio: montana
Mauricio: leger
Mauricio: these are your fashion gurus
Mauricio: not galliano
Bryanboy: like emily blunt at golden globes??
Mauricio: yes!
Mauricio: (see picture –>)
012306_yooxMauricio: for you to wear to the oscars
Mauricio:  ok then look like a mongo
Mauricio:  the other sister
Mauricio:  is that what you wanna look like?
Bryanboy: whatevs
Mauricio:  or do you want to look like a vixen? a bad girl gone worse?
Bryanboy: vixen
Bryanboy: but that dress will make me look like a prostitute
Mauricio:  prostitute is in
Mauricio:  forget about mongoloids
Bryanboy: hahaha
Bryanboy: BUT I AM ASIAN
Bryanboy: I’M BROWN
Bryanboy: I’m SMALL
Bryanboy: TINY
Bryanboy: LITHE
Bryanboy: SKINNY
Bryanboy: SLIM
Mauricio:  you gotta look like laura dern in wild at heart
Bryanboy: me sucky sucky 5d dolla me lyk origami
Mauricio:  that’s what you gotta look like
Mauricio:  brown and tiny is perfect for the vixen look
Mauricio:  you’ll look overpowered in galliano

I think that’s all for now. I’m still in awe. Really.Soooooooooooooooo beautiful.

I’ll never have the opportunity to wear haute couture in this lifetime (a. i’m a boy, b. i’m dirt poo and I literally cannot afford to spend over US$100,000 on a dress — that’s how much it costs for a basic one) but I could always, always dream because it’s free.

To be honest with you, I’m already happy seeing all of this stuff online. I’m contented being a voyeur to the grand art of haute couture. Now if John Galliano sent me a signed notecard and a small piece of fabric with "I LOVE BRYANBOY" embroidered on it then hell I’d be the happiest girl on the planet.

Dream my friend, dream on.

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I love you all as always.


  1. omg, finally u back,, and this time, u bring the sexy back!! hahaha,,
    gawsh, alex wek,, ben awhile huh have not heard from her,,
    anyway, Bryan, hows ur diet programsss??

  2. fashionista

    that’s an Azzedine Alaia, right?
    well, bryan…i’m sure you know the story behind Alaia creations…they have this unique ability to reshape a woman’s body, making it both curvier and svelte at the same time…being so skin-tight, it often looks like a working girl’s uniform, but these dresses are a fashion icon in and of themselves…i totally think you would look fantastic in an Alaia…but i would have not chosen black…perhaps a royal purple?!?! or something in a spring green (lighter than chartreuse), without much embellishment on the bust and shoulders…just clean lines throughout.
    honestly though, i think that if you are going for couture, Dior is your mothership…it’s elegant, eccentric, extremely intricate…but other couture houses are abuzz lately…fashion is so fucking fantastic these days and it’s good to see you’re on of its biggest fans

  3. fashionista

    i also agree with Mauricio, i dont think this is John’s best work….i do think it’s his most inspired of recent years…and he definitely touches on the current Euro-Tokyo fusion we’re seeing more and more…and takes it to a totally different level…the shoes are fabulous, though very chunky and perhaps not commercially viable(remember Mary Kate’s super chunky frankenstein Balenciagas??? those shoes were couture fab but they were totally dissed by fashion critics when she started wearing them to work)…some of the techniques and materials John uses are not really new, though executed very well…the full-on futuristic origami cocktail dress looks more like it belongs with Hussein Chalayan’s latest work…but it’s still fabulous
    i definitely see some frontrunners for editorials…

  4. Oh my god. Im with you Bryan! This collection is sooo devastating!! I love love love it to the maxxx. John’s best collection since his good days(90’s). Im so happy he brought back glamour supermodels!!!
    PS. No offense but I dont think Mauricio understands Couture… Teach him!! This I’snt RTW of course its, well, unwearable. hahaha love you bryan!

  5. Good commentary. I’m not a huge fan of Galliano, but I’m totally with you on the whole must-get-skinny thing. It’s 2468 all the way!

  6. diorella

    best dior couture collection by galliano ever!
    fuck mauricio! that cheap ass herve leger dress reaks of 1990’s “street-walker who don’t know better” pret-a-porter skank. you have way more class than that bryan! i could totally envision you on the red carpet as a radiant japaneseque goddess. with the holy beams of galliano glory shimmering blindingly from all that decadent embroidery. that’ll teach all those bitches who can’t comprehend the genius that is john!
    you know, i bet you could get a really good seamstress in manila to copy a dior couture original for a fraction of the price…beadwork and all. my mom had a made-to-measure filipino-made couture wedding dress express mailed to her here in the usa like 20 years ago when she got married. i’m sure they don’t charge as much as the petit mains in the parisian ateliers or as much as those lesage embroiderers either. just a thought.
    three cheers for third world labor!

  7. The photo looks like a Herve Leger (now owned by BCBG who promptly fired him). Your friend Mauricio’s taste level is questionable. That dress is sooo dated (hello demi moore!). Feel free to wear it to the Oscars only if u are scheduled to clean the toilets.

  8. christine

    You should go for those candycorn fingernails, too. VOMIT!
    The sheer amount of fabric is disgusting. These girls look like somebody bought yards and yards of the ugliest drapery available and then wrapped it around them and shooed them on to the runway.
    Give me a pencil and a large enough piece of paper and I could have drawn you a dress worthy of Dior’s collection. Obviously his motto was: MORE LAYERS! MORE RUFFLES! MORE SHIT THAT LOOKS LIKE A WHITE KID DID ORIGAMI AND THREW IT IN THE TRASH!

  9. amazing dresses but his concept saddens me.
    “geisha meets technology-obsessed Asia”
    “A mixed flavour of Eastern and Western cultures”
    “madame butterfly”
    been done done done. a white person’s poor imagination of “the orient”

  10. Georgi Georgiev

    You’re right, sweet bryanboy ;-) this collection is AMAZING… I hope you will have the money for all the dresses and things you want, someday!!! Je t’adore!

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