Meet the people of SKINS. A new TV series fresh from Britain’s Channel 4. My god. Is the 1990s back? Watching trailers like this make me feel REAAAAAAALLLLLLLLY old. I mean come on, it’s not exactly yesterday that I bought 10 grams of cocaine from my former drug dealer, gave 6 bags to frenemies and kept 4 to myself.

This is why I love Europe. Those mother fuckers are showing WHAT THE KIDS OF TODAY NEED TO SEE AND NONE OF THOSE TRIPE WE GET HERE IN VIVA MANILA! COME ON KIDS LET’S DO DRUGS!!!!!!!!! I WANT COCAINE!!!! I WANT CRYSTAL METH!!!! I WANT HEROIN!!!!!! Not Ecstasy though. I hate that shit. What are you, 12?

Third world TV is sooo shitty AND TRASH it’s not even funny. I’m not gonna be ashamed to say it. I really do think Filipino TV is crap. This is why I NEVER talk about it on my blog. I hate it when people email or send me messages asking me about third world celebs or whatever. Well, half of them are fugly, a quarter of them are dull and the rest are just plain ol nasty. I bet if you ask any of these third world celebs if they watch their OWN SHIT on tv  most of them will prolly say NO! I really don’t know how they manage to sleep at night. I for one cringe with horror and disgust every time someone asks me anything related to third world showbiz. "Hey Bryan, do you know so and so? Have you met so and so?" Beurk!!! Yuk yuk yuk yuk!


Anyway, I guess I shouldn’t take it personally. Most of these tv idiots are only doing their pathetic job of trying to look "cutesy cutesy" and "clean clean all smiley cutesy cutesy" (my god, how vomit inducing) because that’s how the masses love them. I swear to fucking god, maybe I should get some sort of a job at the TV station where I dictate what I want people to see etc. That would be interesting.

I still have emotional scars from ALLLL the shit I saw when I was a child… ok, except for Jolina. I love that bitch. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That ho bag bought her OWN fucking trailer (yes, a real, real trailer that American white trash rednecks use) and had it shipped to the philippines. Only Jolina fucking Madrigal can can glorify a fucking trailer and make a big spectacle about it — I’ll never forget that time when I saw it on TV and every gullible third world showbiz tom, dick and harry went gaga over her trailer !!

P.S. Keep an eye out on the gay character, Maxxie. Hahahaha! Maxxie Oliveros is that you? DO YOU HAVE? DO YOU HAVE COKE?