Chanel + Christy Turlington + 15 Years = Bryanboy

Here’s one for shits and giggles.

Christy Turlington for Italian Vogue, February 1992.

Bryanboy for, January 2007

Bitch got better boxes than me but what the hell, I’m wayyy prettier than her and I was still a fetus when that photo came out.


Bryanboy: i thought she was just some overhyped supermodel ala janice dickinson etc. i mean, she’s "there" like cindy, naomi, fashion cafe there but little did i know she was a REAAAAL REAL REAL SUPERMODEL . at first glance, she looks incredibly dull with no personality unlike linda who’s got THAT va va voom effect

Mauricio: she was like on par with linda. linda became more famous but christy got more work than linda

Bryanboy: ah. like gisele bundchen and carmen kass

Mauricio: yes, but better. more beautiful i would say. girls were really gorgeous back then, weren’t they?

Bryanboy: well yeah. REAL beauty and gorgeous not like anorexic skin and bone blank canvas aliens like gemma ward etc

Mauricio: girls now look like aliens, true

Mauricio: i want a return to the supermodel!

Bryanboy: YES! ME TOO!

Mauricio: yeah but she has to have IT

Mauricio: the girl

Mauricio: she has to have the "super factor". gisele to me wasn’t a supermodel. she was just a model with a lot of work. she didn’t have that charge

Bryanboy: well who is responsible for finding IT then?

Mauricio: nobody is. IT just appears

Bryanboy: oh

Bryanboy: lol

Bryanboy: oh well

Bryanboy: it it it it

Bryanboy: maybe I’M IT??? hahahaha

Bryanboy: maybe you’re IT?

Mauricio: we’re it. we’re the IT if we just had 5 foot 10 frames, killer curves and amazing bone structure

Bryanboy: true. LOL.

Bryanboy: well, i think we’re IT inside

Bryanboy: we just lack the outside

Bryanboy: hahaha

Mauricio: we are

Mauricio: if we were beautiful women, bryan

Mauricio: we’d rule the fucking world

(10 minutes later)

Bryanboy: mauricio. i have an idea

Bryanboy: and i have $20,000 cold hard cash stashed somewhere.

Bryanboy: let’s go to bangkok.

Bryanboy: sex change.

Bryanboy: gender reassignment babe. if it worked for janice dickinson it will work for us

Bryanboy: and gia carangi too, that barebacking bitch

Mauricio: hahaha


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