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My favourite Swedish rock chick ever, Alex, Queen of Hard Rock, called me just a few minutes ago to tell me about my first ever Swedish magazine "appearance". Ok, it’s not exactly a full-on feature (maybe I’m not THAT special yet.. we’ll get there. Don’t worry.) but whatever, I’m not gonna complain. It’s not often cunts from the third world such as myself get mentioned on Svenska Svenska magazines so I’m happy and I really don’t care I ended up piggy backin’ on a sexy blonde Svenska Svenska girl just to see my icky name in bold print. Am I pathetic or what? Jealous much? Hahaha! Jag vill ha mitt egna uppslag på Vecko Revyn också! Ge mig lite kärlek, slynor!!!!!!

Anyway, I really love Sophie!!!!!!!!! She’s been reading my crazy blog for the LONGEST time ever. You may visit her own blog at I’m telling you, fashion blogs are the rage all over Sweden right now and I fucking love it. She even emailed me a few days ago to remind me to update my Inside My Bag website — which I’ll do very soon. I owe it to her. Really. I’ve been neglecting that baby for MONTHS!!!!

Click here to view the full scan.

Buy the March 2007 of Vecko Revyn to see it for yourself. I’d cream my pants if one of you send me via snail mail a cutout of that page to add to my little press book so one day when I get really really really old and wrinkly, I’ll show my clippings to my mixed-raced grandchildren and tell them "oh look, swedish girls love your fag grandpa". Yaddi yaddi yadda., MCPO Box 2044, Makati City 1250 Philippines.

I love you all but I love Sophie more. More updates in a little bit.


  1. Email Ebba at veckorevyn,she might give you a spread;) Love from sweden! /Anna

  2. Ohh it is Sophie she is really a cool lady! Her wardrobe is like the rainbow full of colour. Mine is more like a road, asphalt black and grey with a line of white.
    Great site! your nice :)

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