Bryanboy Loves: Jenn Hoffman

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012807_jenn3Bryanboy Loves: Jenn Hoffman

Her name is Jenn Hoffman and you’ll find her on the new season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice on NBC! She’s also the entertainment reporter for 101.5 FREE FM in Feeeeeenix, Arizooooonahhhhh. My website is one of her favourites and she even references me on-air!! I love love love her because she loves loves loves me so I think you should love love love her too!

My god, I really can’t help but think why oh why oh why am I still in the third world? I’m soo jealous (but happy… for people) that everyone else is PROACTIVELY chasing their dreams whereas I’m still stuck (and helpless) in the third world. I reaaaaalllly need to move somewhere, spread my wings and fly and evolve into a bigger entity. Don’t you agree?

She’s the pretty one (because I said so) on the ladder, not that you can see her amongst the sea of American cows!

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax coming up next.

Y’all better vote for my chubby little prostitute Asian ass on or else I’ll send my goons to "sort" you out.


  1. this is the best blog out of the third world. i suggest vote-buying in a massive scale to ensure victory in the bloggies.

  2. dont worry, he wont leave. he always talks…but never any action. he is too afraid to move out of his parents house…who is gonna pay for the desiger clothes???? My god…he would have to get a real job…lol…yeah right, no skills. He isnt going anywhere

  3. I don’t know if you’re following the new season of Apprentice but I work with one of the girls. Stefanie Schaeffer.
    Hello to Bryanboy from Los Angeles!

  4. utility man

    I love this girl! I watch the Apprentice and can’t wait to see more of this hooker.

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