Because I’m beautiful.

If you’re a 2007 Bloggies (THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE GAY BLOGGIES WHERE I WON 3 AWARDS) Panelist and you are visiting my blog, please be sure to handpick me as a finalist. YOU, my friend, have an obligation to KEEP THE FAGGOTRY ALIVE.

I promise I’ll be nice(r) to animals. Heck, I even promise to save the whales, not club the seals and feed all the starving children. Just do your part in spreading my faggotry to the rest of the world and I’ll do all of those things.

The nominations have rolled in (and to think, I haven’t even promoted the Bloggies on my blog cause I only found out about it TODAY but my crew at MySpace said they all nominated me) and the people have spoken. I repeat. HANDPICK ME as a finalist.

Why? Because I’m poor, innocent brown child from a developing nation and I need attention from the rest of the world. That’s why. Oh just bloody handpick me as a finalist and I’ll be one happy camper.

I guess we’ll have to find out next Monday then. *sigh*