2007 Golden Globes

Written By bryanboy

2007 Golden Globes

Ugly Betty: "Bryanboy, my god, you look so thin!"

Bryanboy: "Really? Thanks. It’s for Paris. I’m on this new diet and it’s very effective. I don’t eat anything and when I feel I’m about to faint, I eat a raisin and smoke crystal meth. I’m one stomach flu away from my goal weight."

Jennifer Love Hewitt

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I WOULD LIKE TO PRESENT YOU… MISS JONBENET RAMSEY!!!!! How tragic. I don’t know what went inside her head. The fabric of her dress, my god… what a DISASTER.

America Ferrera

I don’t like you… and I don’t fucking care that the entire US of A fell in love with you. You’re a copycat. You know, when I was young, I RELIGIOUSLY WATCHED "YO SOY BETTY LA FEA". RELIGIOUSLY. As in EVERY DAY. That Colombian soap opera was my childhood right there. Fast forward a few years later, your fence-climbing immigrant fat ass is TAKING ALL THE CREDIT with your silly stupid big speech? Bitch please. At least the REAL Betta La Fea (Ana Maria Orozco aka Beatriz Solano) was thin. You’re not. NEXT!

America Ferrera and Salma Hayek

I see lots of excess flesh, boob spillage and tits to tits action. Gaaaaaawd. Compose yourselves, girls. Especially you Salma. FIRE YOUR STYLIST. Your hair is horrid and your dress is disastrous. I have one tip for both of you: BREAST REDUCTION.

Vanessa Williams

Chanelling Diana Ross? Congratulations for winning the Trannie of the Year Award. I love the fur. The contacts look gross, especially with that lazy eye. I guess the million dollar question is… how many poodles died for your hair extensions?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I don’t like your hair. How old are you anyway? 50? I think you’d look soo much better with shorter hair. I mean for god’s sake, if you look closely at your pic,you’ll see that your wig is about to fall off. Don’t even mention the dress – just put it in a black garbage bag and throw it away.

Beyonce Knowles

I have no words. NO WORDS! How vulgar and distasteful. YOU’RE NOT IN VEGAS ANYMORE, SWEETIE!!! Proof that all the money in the world can’t buy a stripper some style. I love the face and the hair though.

Maria Menounous

Not many people can pull off that look so give yourself a pat on the back. The dress ain’t that bad. I love the waist, I love the smile and best of all, you looked sensational on TV.

Angelina Jolie

Her dress is a little dull and boring (HELLO SAFE) but you know what, she’s stunning. It’s amazing how she manages to be THAT beautiful, considering she’s got a little United Colors of Benetton ad campaign in her home.

Sienna Miller

I take back what I said earlier. Well… your face did look a little oily on TV. But now that I’ve seen photos, I suppose you can blame your drugstore counter fake tan. I love your hair though. Anyway, you have this certain allure. I can’t decide whether you’re a hit or a miss. I don’t know what it is but it works!

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I love you all!


  1. check your sources dude, salma hayek got the licensing rights to make a US version of Betty La Fea, of course with an American twist

  2. fashionista

    why is cameron diaz not on this list? her dress was disastrous, the tulled shoulder strap was equivalent to Bjork’s swanlake…this list is so lacking…more more more!!!
    and i have to defend Salma Hayek…admittedly, it was ann ill-fitting dress, and the ruching does make her look fat…but it was definitely elegant and sensual…but i would still fire her stylist
    and did you see Drew Barrymore’s accessory??? i think it was tina maristela ocampo’s mother of pearl clutch??? was it?
    the best of the best:
    Ali Larter
    Reese Witherspoon
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    rag on!!! rag on!!!

  3. See this is the reason I’m about to delete your dumb azz website out of my Bookmark. You had one of the best sites that gave alot of info on style, designers and such but now…you are so full of shit!!! America Ferrera and Salma Hayek are gorgeous beautiful voluptuous women who are perfect the way they are!!!!!!!! Your boney fake azz need to be a MAN and put some dayum weight and muscles on cuz your shyte ain;t cute honey. And no I am NOT fat, I am a perfect size 8 and athletically fit to kick your boney azz!!!!
    If your dumb azz actually lived in the U.S. you would know that the show Ugly Betty and America Ferrera won because the show is a great influence on young people – hell people in general who have low self esteem and feel excluded in life.
    Gawd…get a life and take a razor and cut yourself so you can wake up to what you blog! Your shyte isn;t funny and witty anymore!!!!!!!

  4. And Vanessa WIlliams DOES NOT WEAR CONTACT LENSES!!! Her eyes are naturally that color!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m glad Ugly Betty won. I like her. As for Salma Hayek, it’s those marimbas on her chest that make her SALMA.
    For you Sharon, lighten up. We’re here to have fun.

  6. Valentina

    Ana Orozco is now gonna play susan in the colombian version of desperate housewives. but men did she rule on “yo soy betty la fea” no matter how much awards it wins it will never be like the original colombian version!

  7. God people BACK OFF! nobody is making you read Bryans blogg. What the hell. I mean if he thinks that Salma is fat, then let him Nothing wrong with that. and yes I understand why some people are like pissed off. I went huh when he commented beyonce because I think she is beautiful and the same for angelina. Sure the dress wasnt poom paaaa, but it’s classic. classic works. It doesnt have to be extreme to be beautiful. What goes to Beyonce, shes a gorgeous woman!!! sure that dress wasnt the greatest one, but we all make freakin misstakes when it comes to outfits! u know u do!
    so please, no bitchyness. everybody are allowed to say what they think…

  8. Lisa from Cali

    Best Look is Reese—-hair, makeup, and the dress.
    Best gorgeous couple of course is Brad and Angie!
    The original is usually the best but I never saw it and this current version of Ugly Betty is a great show–funny and thoughtful.

  9. I agree about ugly betty. And Angelina needs another ugly tatoo…maybe a skull or something trashy like that.

  10. Funny as all hell, Bryan! How could you have missed the atrocious Cameron Diaz? Also, Angelina HAD to wear that dress, Bryan. She has a contract with the terrible old lady line, St. John, and probably this was the best they could come up with. If I were her I´d pull the bustline down about two inches, but the fabric and color were very different. Did anyone notice that she had á bitch on´and was very snotty and vague with all reporters. I guess it was Brad´s night and she was missing her heroin shot!!!!

  11. Jane Doe

    M.B, i think u r right, “everybody are allowed to say what they think…”
    So i seconds to Sharon.
    She’s got a point.
    I agree that not every woman should be boney-thin. Voluptuous women r fine the way they r as long as they r healthy.
    But yea, Sharon might need to chill out a bit.
    Btw, I wanna ditto Angel’s words that “Vanessa Williams does have blue eyes”.
    Vanessa’s brother showed his blue eyes on TV in the PROACTIV ad too.

  12. NYCFashionWHORE

    Won’t argue with you if you think America is fat… but living here in the states, Selma and the Ugly Betty machine have highly publicized the fact that the show is a reincarnation of a huge Colombian hit tv novela. They never made an attempt to hide that.
    Now to the real offense… WHYYY WHYY WHYYYYY BRYANBOY do I not see the stunning Emily Blunt in your Golden Globes recap??? She did Herve Leger… and she did him RIGHT!!! Not to many can pull off a dress which is tailored to fit every two inches of your body’s measurement. She should get a SKINNY BITCH of the year award. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRYANBOY… AGREE WITH ME. We are kindred LOVE FOR SKINNY BITCHES SPIRITS and I need you to love Emily Blunt at the Golden Globes as much as I did. Baboosh!

  13. NYCFashionWHORE

    Me again! I forgot to mention… Emily Blunt’s exact comment on the E-channel red carpet preview was “This dress is extremely tight so I’m afraid I had to pull a Britney!” I mean… the skinny bitch was panty-less… u GOTTA give her credit for that… or at least some anti-fungus cream. lol PLEASE blog about this.

  14. ugly betty is fabulous and at least america ferrera is somebody who is an amazing actress and not some pathetic third world faggot writing about the golden globes… when hes just bitter because he was not there.

  15. Maybe Angelina was a little subdued because she knew her mother was critically ill; she was far from being bitchy, just somewhat somber. Wouldn’t you be if you knew your own mother was near death!

  16. i have to say i didnt think that julia louise- dreyfus dress does not deserve to be thrown away. i personally thought that it was very clean and very classy. maybe if they toned it down on the sequin details, then it would have been even better. but i still think that it is very pretty.
    anyways, i still love your blog and manny pacquiao really does look like that creep on the picture…

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