This is sooo wrong.

Written By bryanboy

This is sooo wrong.

Here’s one for the camera. Trust me, it was the other way around when it came to the bedroom. Hahaha! Ever been fucked by an anorexic midget with a cock wayyyy bigger than yours? That’s the story of my life. I’m kidding.


Mauricio: Is your friend still with you? There’s too much estrogen when you get together.

Me: I need a REAL man. Or someone who is at least 6ft.

Mauricio: with REAL money

Me: and have some sort of body hair. Just a teeny tiny bit.

Me: a dominant masculine man. that’s what i need.

Mauricio: Dodi Al Fayed.



  1. Yes Bryan, you def. need a man in your life. I read your blog daily and you have this glow in you lately. Is it love or is it lust? Get yourself out there and find a Mrs. Bryanboy for the new year!
    Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Is this the best you can do, b-boi? You need a big masculine man not Euro twink boys!

  3. I don’t understand why people give you the time of day. You’re the most hideous, obnoxious and ugly faggot. You’re useless, incredibly shallow and everything you say or do is a complete waste of time. I hope the two of you get aids because hell has a special place reserved for queers like YOU.
    Do you even have a life? Everything you do revolves around this website or creating awful youtube videos.
    Do us all a favor and just die!

  4. obviously anna hasn’t got an ounce of humor in her. i don’t see your point telling why people ever get their time wasted reading this site,or bryanboy for that matter, where you yourself managed to spend your fucking time posting a comment and ever care. FYI, BB is sooo interesting that reading him is lot better than watching free porn in the internet. plus you don’t need an extra prescription of prozac once you’re hooked. SERIOUSLY.

  5. Bryanboy is FAT and STUMPY!

    Hey Bryan! It’s quite obvious that you bleach your face in hopes of becoming white. Just look at this picture! If I called you “UGLY,” it would be an understatement. You will NEVER be white, no matter how hard you try.

  6. nicklas is cute. bryan ugly faggot.
    you make dior, fendi etc look cheap.
    get your face under the knife or better yet kill your self, cause your ugly bryan.
    putah ang cheap mo hindi bagay sau

  7. did you guys really do it? i wanna see. plz post porn video ala paris. k tnx.

  8. jeweladdict72

    ewww that pic is soooo lesbian action im not even gonna go there. so how did your friend niklas like the third world?

  9. you look awesome together! lol! lurve the photo!
    you’ve got too much haters eh?
    Dont worry ME LOVES BB! lol!

  10. LOL @ Anna and Jasmine – LOSERS! ur asking y ppl are wasting their time checking BB’s blog and yet you two are reading his blog and making nasty comments..WHY? get a life, bitches!

  11. Oh how the mighty have fallin..I quote from you when you met Nicklas “love his jawline, love his eyes, love everything about him. he’s a looker!” that was the past now he’s “anorexic midget with a cock wayyyy bigger than yours” hahaha

  12. jdaniel

    NIKLAS needs to get in touch with me, want young (25)? mixed asian, tall (6ft2) rich? lol i love euro twink boys and they seem to love me so get in touch..

  13. I’m a pervert for having taken that…. Tsk tsk..what can I say, fags turn me frisky. hahaha..

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