Tang ina ang chaka

Written By bryanboy

Tang ina ang chaka

Tang ina ang chaka. I went out for lunch (more on that later) and when I got back, I found Niklas watching Wowowee. Shit ang chaka. I swear. Naloka talaga ako. Ang dami pang tanong. Bakit nagsasasayaw yung mga babae na naka red, green, blue, yellow?" "Bakit ang pangit ng itsura nung TV host na nakasalamin?"

Nawindang talaga ako and naggagalaiti ako sa diri. Tama bang tanungin ako tungkol sa Wowowee?

Where the hell is Eunice when you need her most? Diyos mio… ano isasagot mo? Hahaha! I fucking love it.


  1. annlovesbryan

    hahahaha exactly the reason why we miss every little detail about ur life bryan!
    did Niklas showed u the boom tarat dance?
    hahaha god, hello third world!
    glad ure back BB!lotsa love!

  2. annlovesbryan

    hahahaha fuck i cant get enough of this post.been reading it for the 2,995,867th time.hahahaha BB ure such a winner.

  3. divalisyosa

    Bryanboy didnt you know that wowowee is being endorsed by the philippine tourism as a tourist destination?? you should take ur friend there! hahaahaha

  4. snickerdoodle

    BOOM TARAT TARAT!:) Teach your Swedish boy how to dance that para he’ll take it back home….hahahaha! :)

  5. I know!!! And the way theys say: “BIGATING BRYAN!?” Do we reeeeeaaalllyyyyy?

  6. you are fucking hilarious bryan!…ill try to find a DVD of wowowee (all episodes) and ill give it to you as a christmas present…YUCK!…hahaha!

  7. Bitch when are u going to post a long blog coz i wanna hear some verbal diarrhea (spell check) from u. i miss my morning routine for the past week because u were maing urself fat from that vacation but i cant blame u. im doing that shit also, eating everythin coz i hate to go out these days because its fuckin cold and freezing my brown ass here in seoul….damn winter……..

  8. BB, u could have drag miss eunice to interpret eveything and explain everythin to Niklas what the hell is that show. Im glad that there is no Filipino Channel in Korea coz homegirl aint watching those shit…hahahahahaha
    I miss the third world!

  9. granny bean

    ay kapamilya si niklas?
    btw, youve been away for fucking 3 decades… we all deserve your photos of your vacation!

  10. willie r.

    WOWOWIE! Sinong Di Mawiwili!
    Ganda mo bryan! Panalo.
    Baklang Manila Go!

  11. Best post ever!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Wish you had photos of Niklas watching Wowowee!!!

  12. wahaha! baka gusto ni niklas manood ng live sa wowowee!!! TFC subscribers anyone?!!!

  13. um, english translation please? i have no idea what any of this means, probably the worst blog entry ever?

  14. annabelle_canada<3

    shiit.. love your stuff my dear but trying to find a tagalog translator was near impossible. For every search i did under philipino translator, there might be one translator site and like 50 porn sites. Philipino translator porn? cultural difference i suppose. Love from your biggest northern fan.

  15. eidref102

    Seriously, u should bring Niklas to ABS-CBN Studio to watch wowowee and other third world variety shows hahahaha. Im sure that will be a big talk when he goes back to Scandinavia, mabe they will syndicate that kind of show to the mass that we have here.
    At the end who wants to watch stuff like that in Sweden, with the 4 million something people in the country? they are just so fucking busy making tons of money..

  16. Ive heared from a news that people in Sweden spends money big time toparty, like spending 3,000 USD a night…OMG!!!! And then in Norway then dont have enough human resources over there coz everyone has a job and theres a lot of vacant jobs. they even lack of police men int he capital. Scandinavian countries should start importing brown ass filipinos from the third world to work there, but i dont know if filipinos would last with the kind of weather they have there and living also there is bloody expensive.

  17. I had a thought re: post-dinner festivities. Dry humping public property may be considered as vandalism, and a crime punishable by law… Unfortunately, there are no hot policemen in Manila to handcuff you. *Boom tarat tarat* to you too.. xx B

  18. oh my god Bryanboy… try to translate it in english next time.. a lot of your readers can’t understand.. but whatever, i still love Bryanboy!!

  19. WOWOWEE! ang chaka talaga hahaha this is so hilarious! WTF was Niklas watching it anyway? I think you should treat Ms. Eunice and have her tag Niklas along make them watch the show…for experience!

  20. granny bean

    remember there’s a sad story behind that hilarious shit on that show. god bless their souls the departed

  21. Well, maybe it’s BB’s whole point not to write it in english coz non-filipinos will never get it like we tagalog speakers do. But hey, other people need to read it too! So if BB is too busy fiddling his fabulous fingers over things that are more fabulous, then here is my humble translation: (All omissions/additions are mine as some tagalog words/phrases can’t be translated directly.)
    Fuck it, the horse-faced shit. I went out for lunch (more on that later) and when I got back, I found Niklas watching Wowowee*. Shit, what an ugly sight. I swear. It blew my mind! He even asked sooo many questions. “Why do the girls in red, green, blue, yellow dance around like Vegas performers?” and “Why is the show’s bespectacled host fugly?”.
    My mind was completely blown away! I was reeling in utter disgust! Is it right to ask me something about Wowowee?
    Where the hell is Eunice when you need her most? Diyos mio… what will you say? Hahaha! I fucking love it.
    * Wowowee is a noontime television variety and game show in the Philippines that awards cash and prizes to contestants playing various games. This show caters to what filipinos call the “masa” or the masses (usually the urban poor). It has earned the ire of most critics as “for condoning and promoting laziness and mendicancy”. It also features heavily appearances of foreigner guests (who dole out wads of cash to the poor contestants) which might have piqued the curiosity of Niklas.
    Link to Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wowowee

  22. Thysz,
    Thanks for the little translation there for us “non-filipinos” left in the dark. Usually when I hear things like that in person, I take great offense, raise all hell, and hand out verbal ass-whoopings to the ignorant, but this is Bryan’s site, so fuck it. You wrote: “non-filipinos will never get it like we tagalog speakers do”. I’m by no means trying to personally attack you if that’s what you might be thinking, but I’d like to make a small point. Keep in mind that there AARRRE other filipinos in the world who ***gasp*** don’t speak or understand tagalog(or whatever language). Oh god, what a fucking SHOCKER!

  23. Christine

    Wahaha!!! Your friend had a taste of the real third-world crap! BTW you were in Boracay? But the island was like devastated by that last typhoon, right?

  24. Wahahaha!! I wish you had cought him on video while he was asking this questions… I’d love to see his facial expression and yours too.. Hahaha!

  25. i apologize from my heart miss courtney and others for my comment that may be percieved as a discriminatory remark against foreigners that do speak and understand Filipino. It was an oversight in my part and I’m terribly sorry. Thank you for pointing it out though and at being very polite. In the spirit of Bryanboy and the ideals that he upholds…

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