Santa should die.

Written By bryanboy

Santa should die.

Who is this old man and what on earth is he doing in my shithole? Deport deport deport. I hope Santa gets hit by a coke truck.

Me: "OMG let’s get our pictures taken!"
Niklas: "No!!"
Me: "Look at all those kids sitting on Santa’s lap. I wanna sit on somebody else’s lap too!"

*2 minutes later*

Santa: "Boys, stand behind me, you’re too old not allowed to sit on my lap!"


Me: "Don’t be full of yourself you homophobic piece of shit. I’d rather jump off a bridge than let a child molester fondle me."


  1. God, you can have everyone believe that you & Niklas have been reallygoodboys!
    No seriously. o:
    The flower behind the ear thing?
    Totally killer. HAHA.

  2. okay bryan this cracked me the fk up!
    now i really wanna know if he ACTUALLY said that, and did you ACTUALLY respond to him that way?!
    LOLLLLLLLLLL I would have given the finger in the foto!

  3. haha, omg, seriously that santa said that to u?
    if i were u, I will just give a lick infront of him,,,

  4. He was probably afraid you guys were too heavy or something. Dude is OLD! He really couldnt afford a thighbone fracture at this time, could he? LOL

  5. divalisyosa

    HEY did you gain weight? u look like as if u gained a few lbs in this pic…

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