Obsession du Jour: Pierre Hardy

Written By bryanboy

Obsession du Jour: Pierre Hardy

I love, love, love Pierre Hardy! Pierre Hardy is responsible for designing shoes for Balenciaga and Hermès. Winter is well underway in Europa but if your visa card ain’t maxed out, it’s not yet too late to whip out your mobile and that old piece of plastic (yes, the one with lots of cocaine residue on the sides) to do some last-minute F/W shopping. Go right ahead — call the Paris boutique to order some of his delectable confections at + or email boutique@pierrehardy.com. Tell them I sent you. Who knows, they might send me a gift afterwards. And you know how MUUCCCHH I love presents. Haha! *wink*

My favourite:

More drool-worthy goods after the jump.

This one is cute, too. You know how I have a weakness for stripes.

Love the trimmings! Sooo chic!

It comes in another style, too.

Metallic Mania!!!

Animal Print galore…

… and a matching pair of men’s shoes to boot.

I love him already!!

Oooh la la!

This sneaker is GORGEOUS!! Do you like?

This sneaker is FUCKING GORGEOUS!! Do you really, really like? There was this time back in ages when this Swedish guy emailed me to tell me he would do anything and he meant ANYTHING (you know what I mean) just to get hold of a pair of Raf Simons high-cut sneakers. I think this one is better though.

THE ULTIMATE "FUCK ME" SHOES. I want this one for the New Year!!!!!!!!

Remember my gold 5-inch stacked heel Chloe shoes? Well… I’m a sucker for gold shoes and I really really love this pair.

I also like this pair. Soo chic!

I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All photos courtesy of Pierre Hardy (www.pierrehardy.com).


  1. I’m sooo000000 as in super loving the “ultimate ‘fuck me'” golden shoes!!!

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