No, I am *NOT* dead.

Written By bryanboy

No, I am *NOT* dead.

I’m not supposed to be on the computer but Niklas wanted to check his emails so I thought, what the hell, I might as well go online and search for guys who will pump, dump and breed my ass bareback.

I’m kidding.

So yeah… I’m still on holida, lots of sea, sun, sand, booze, drugs and sex. I got sperminated left and right by random pundits who thought my mangina is the third world’s best tourist attraction. Hahaha! I wish. Nah..

I’ll do a proper update when I get back… just give me a few days.

BTW, remember my self-imposed year-long Louis Vuitton ban? Well, guess who used moi (OH YES) as inspiration???? Ooooh la la. I fucking love it.


More pictures later…………. :)

I love you all! Email me and tell me you love me.


  1. She’s my favorite actress in hollywood sexy momma SCARLETT JOHANSSON….mhuaa:*)

  2. Wasnt there suppose to be an anniversary competition with lots of prizes to be won?

  3. BB seriously you should get a patent for your signature pose. I’m not kidding. Don’t wait till some big company declare it as their own ‘licensed trademark’ and start suing other people who ‘copy’ it — even your fans — and even you! So, move your fat brown ass pronto ang get your trademark pose patented!

  4. you are truly the worlds best third world fag! love ya! get back in one piece so we can enjoy more of your fabulous couture.

  5. goldfrapp

    that bag is nice but did you see the other one, the tattered denim one? its pretty fug sry2say.

  6. I was juuuust about to send you this picture!
    I think it’s your solemn duty to own any bag that featured your pose! I love you, have a good dirty holiday!

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