Miss Third World 2006

Written By bryanboy

Miss Third World 2006

First things first – I would like to greet Patti, my thirteen year old reader from Manila, Philippines. She looooves Mrs. Granny Bee, like tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people around the world.

I know I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties recently because of my little vacation (and my Miss Philippines-Third World 2006 hosting duties) so I’m gonna make this entry short and quick. It’s great to be “back” online — I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it.

Anyway… I have a little over 21,200 emails I need to sort out/rank/file/reply (21,209 to be exact) so please indulge me with a little "recovery" time. *wink*

I really hate how my laptop is fucked up, hence the lack of updates. I know there’s internet access everywhere but I really need my "own" computer in order for me to blog properly. It’s good that I’m getting my baby tomorrow. The repair shop had to order parts from Singapore (that’s what they said) no wonder it took them a little over 10 long years to fix it. I really need to buy a new laptop… I’ve had that baby for a over a year now.

As I’ve said, Niklas and moi are back in good ol’ Manila. He’s leaving in 2 days — it’s sad that he’s leaving but at the same time I’m relieved. I need a break from playing hostess with the not so mostest. 2 weeks is a LOOOOONG time to play host… It’s a great learning experience for me though. I’ve had friends from other countries pop by Manila in the past but we usually spend a few hours here and there.. not 2 STRAIGHT WEEKS. Heck, we even shared the bed together so there. December 27, 2005 can kiss my fat ass goodbye! Haha ;-)

As some of you already know, we spent 8 days in good ol’ Boracay. I took him there cause it’s easy — just an hour’s worth of flying time, a little boat ride here and there… bam, wham, bam — sea, sun, sand galore. Ready for a game of pictionary? Here goes…

Guess which bag belongs to Paris… and Nicole…

Look how pale I am on these photos. You probably won’t see me this white for a good few years.

Mmmmm donuts…

I realllly realllly reallly want to be a flight attendant. It’s the gayest job in the world! Remember what I wrote about the ultimate "feel-good" movie EVAR, "View from the top?" Well… fuck Paris. First Class. International — "Kalibo. Cattle Class. (bitch please, don’t give me that look. you know I never turn right upon entering the plane EXCEPT domestic flights in the third world) Third World" is sooo much better!!!! Hahahaha!

I swear to god… it’s my DESTINY to be a stewardess!!!! Maybe there’s an airline out there who is willing to make me a flight attendant even for a single day? I WANT FIRST CLASS GOD DAMMIT! HAHAHAHA!

Kalibo airport.

One of the things I love about the super fabulous third world is the fact that every single soul here can be bought for the right price.

That includes me.

…and these wonderful men/porters who carried our luggage.

I look thin on this photo.

One of the first things gay boys do when they go on holiday is shave all traces of excess hair.

Look how white we were…. we should’ve been the bitches on that movie WHITE CHICKS!

I hate how Niklas is thinner than I am. But then again, I’m 2-3 inches taller than he is… I HATE BEING FAT!!!!!!! Will someone just please give me AIDS so I’ll be thin? I want wasting disease! LOL!

My mango and shrimp salad from Aria Restaurant… one of our many, many, many meals in the island.

We stayed at the Pearl of the Pacific Resort throughout the entire time. A huge storm hit the island on our 2nd day — we’re lucky that there wasn’t any MAJOR damage on the hotel we stayed at. I mean, there’s a shitload of vegetation everywhere and the entire hotel lobby got covered with sand (blown by wind) but other than that, everything was all fine and dandy. I have a video somewhere and I’ll upload it on YouTube later.

Look at all the damage!!!

Work it like you own it…. disasters and all.

More updates later! Gotta dash really quick and I’ll be back in a few hours.

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. erin jude

    i love you bryanboy! and oh..niklas looks so hhhhoooooot! im drooling over his think body. :)

  2. was it nice in that hotel? my classmate’s mom was the interior designer for pearl of the pacific.. just sharing.. missed ya.. i <3 bryanboy.

  3. The hurricane was looking for the two bitches in Boracay. Luckily it didnt find the two of you………….If the hurricane did, the two of u will be floating in the Pacific Ocean and then you and Niklas will be singing….Im a survivor yadi yadi yah by destinys child. how cool is that?

  4. ei bryan….
    guess what….
    the philippines is NO LONGER third world….
    it is already second world according to the latest report….
    well, i’m just informing you about this….
    kk….love your blog….

  5. ei bryan….
    guess what….
    the philippines is NO LONGER third world….
    it is already second world according to the latest report….
    well, i’m just informing you about this….
    kk….love your blog….

  6. hi bryanboy buti na lang hindi ka nadisgrasya sa bagyo sayang ang beauty mo daY!!!!

  7. Not only is Niklas thinner he is also way hotter than you. haha. love you BB

  8. Thanks for the update BrybanBoy. I was going through withdrawal! Well Niklas may be thinner (and cute too :-) ) but you are FABULOUS and you know how to work it!! And I love the last outfit.

  9. i came all the way from church and finally i had a free time and was able to brush up on your archives..and God i found everything that i wanted to read,see and feast on..it’s got all the interesting stuff in there. the pictionaries, some typical bryanboy drama, and a whole lot more..but more than anything, i found myself yet again laughing hysterically over a couple dozen of hilarious posts..hehehe..i should urge everyone to do the same. as they say, if you don’t read BB at this day in age, you’re way behind the times. But i actually felt a little guilty ‘cos the first thing i did after going to church was to read bryanboy.HAHAHA…

  10. Something

    Fuck bryanboy, his fat brown ass is so last year…you should just make this Niklasboy: Le Nouveaux Superstar Extraordinaire!

  11. i dont see much difference between you and niklas on who is thinner. honest!
    you worry much about your weight when in reality you are fab bryanboy! ilove you!

  12. Love ya… again, new fan but, love ya in any case.
    God, you’re thin, what the fuck? *KISS*
    Ok, where are all the sex videos and nudie shots? Come on, cough em up? Excuse me, I’m drunk and I need my gay sex fix when I’m drunk. Yeah, I’m a chick, gay sex totally does it for me. (Sure lesbian sex too but not nearly as penetrating) O… K. Bad joke.
    Love ya, save a fried, buttered, hotsauced, jizzed, crunchy, creamy, very fucking hot hot wing for me. :)

  13. i LOVE you bryanboy!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m from a third world country too (Brazil)
    Niklas is really cute!!

  14. granny bean

    your right niklas is way thinner than you. and what happened to your face….youre soooo pale where’s bora sun?

  15. you’ll probably cringe at the sight of this comment but the only difference between you and your friend is muscle tone. you’re already pretty lean, all you need is to do is to tone and tighten. a little cardio here, some light free weights there, and what do you know? you’re gisele! hire a trainer, do pilates, girl you can do it!

  16. I wonder ano magiging reaction ng beauty mo pag nahulog ng porter sa tubig ang iyong Vuitton trunk!
    Doughnuts sa Mr. Donut? Not so fab…

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