Faggotry in Motion #010: Bryanboy & Niklas – Boracay

Written By bryanboy

Faggotry in Motion #010

Any Swedes out there who can identify the gay, "strong" and "emotional" song Niklas sang?

Sing after me bitches — sa sa, sa sa… sa sa sa sa saa.. sa sAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


  1. hey!!bryanboy!!!ur kidda rich ha!!!hahahahh but really im not kidding-hehehe ive seen u around n in magazines tooo with that bitches i mean that famous personalities. ..SINO KABA??im just curious what do you do for living??r u a gay prostitute??

  2. yojnezla

    hey! I remember that song, Paris and Nicole sang that in one of The Simple Lifes’ episode!lol
    they where in a bus annoying people!hahahaha
    it was really funny

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