Chicken Wings

Written By bryanboy

Chicken Wings

It sucks that Niklas is thinner than I am. Really. I swear to god… all we did the past 6 days was eat, sleep, tan, eat, sleep, tan, eat, sleep, tan.

(and their stupid, stupid "healthy" and "clean-living" lifestyles)

Hahahahaha! *wink* I mean for god’s sake whatever happened to sex, booze and drugs?

No wonder I’m getting fat…

and worse, I had a dozen chicken wings earlier this afternoon. Yes… the deep-fried, spicy and greasy type.

May god bless my soul. I need a lipo!

I love you all! =)


  1. Hmm. Healthy lifestyle, eh? Lets put on the spectacles and open the factbook. Median age in the Phillies: 22,5 years. In Sweden: 41 years. I rest my case.

  2. Scott Harrison

    Yeah…… I forget how thin Niklas is. Maybe could you post some more photos of him? Lots more… please.

  3. Nina D' Lizard

    Send us pictures BB!!!! I wanna see you in that skimpy-skimp-skimp!! Haha!

  4. Texting at 7am in the morning is ungodly!!!! But yes I can’t wait xxx Love you my fag buddy

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  6. obviously you don’t know swedish people stupid ignorant LOL you think only because u r with ur swedish fag friend u r swedish yourself and know everything about swedes well
    u are too wannabe baby
    too wannaBE!!

  7. lol @ Ana and Antonio…read the full text before you react negatively…BB doesn’t really hate Swedes!

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