Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax: Francesco Biasia

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Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Skardmunken, Norway, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sandvika, Norway, Houghton Estate, Gauteng South Africa, La Vieielle-Poste, Auvergne France, Ha Noi, Vietnam, Zagreb, Croatia, Nkaia, Attiki Greece, Los Angeles, CA, College Park, MD, Milton Keynes, UK, Damansara, Malaysia, Malmo, Sweden, Lysomice, Poland and of course, people from Warrenton, VA. Say hi don’t be shy!

#2 – 3 more days betch and we’re going on holiday! Niklas you whore just get your fucking ass here pronto! We are soo going to the beach, betch!

The computer shop still hasn’t fixed my laptop (after spilling coffee on the keyboard for the NTH time).  They’re waiting for a few parts from Singapore so god knows how I’m gonna blog. I don’t wanna go to fucking internet cafes and get surrounded by third world whores emailing their lovers or whore-buyers emaling their girlfriends and wives to tell them they’re having a fabulous time catching every STD known to man!!! Kidding. HAHAHA!

I think it’s the perfect opportunity for me to take a blogging holiday. It’s been a wild year and it’s about time I get a break from blogging. The last time I took a break was last year when I got overdosed on crystal meth and ecstasy. Familia de horreur sent me to a shrink for a few months and I started blogging again four months later in Juicy Couture with Chanel and Valentino bags in tow. Hahahaha! Yuck!

We’ll see how it goes. I really don’t like the idea of a ‘blogging holiday’ because it’s no easy feat whoring myself online/building a brand. You’d think all I do is sit here looking pretty and spit my usual verbal diarrhea left and right but in reality 99% of the time I’m online is spent emailing and chatting people to promote my website in order for me to keep my numbers up.

#3 – First it was Fendi, now it’s Francesco Biasa. Before we go to the goods, here’s a cute little piece of fan art "Meow8Mix" sent me a few days ago.

Isn’t it nice to see "my" (haha) pose go places?  V from Dirty bay, podunk, bumfuck, Bayton, TX sent in these two Francesco Biasa photos. I love those Italians. They’re really something else. Hopefully one day, the French will follow suit. Chanel, anyone?

Here’s another one…

Don’t you just loooove what meow8mix sent me? I love the detail! It’s soo cute — and look at those damn lips. Hahhahah!

Anyway, what do you think? Do you loves it? I know I do. More photos can be found at Thanks, V!

Jai, aka Mrs. J, from  South Carolina, USA worked it like she owned it. Hahaha!

Jay from NY sent in this photo…

From the east coast let’s move to the west. This guy’s name is Oliver and he’s from Del Mar, CA. Apparently he’s straight. He said he wants to be my heterosexual twin. Right. :P

This has got to be the cutest photo I’ve ever received in the longest time! Perfection! Sheer perfection! Hahahaha!

I love drunk Asian men in Australia. Especially drunk Asian men in skirts. Hilarious!

Here’s a photo all the way from Mexico! Lookie lookie at the teeth!! Which reminds me, I need to get whitening sessions too. Ugh!

#4 – Oh my god I want to cry. I haven’t been to the website in ages because I don’t have that much free time these days. I went there earlier and saw their holiday gift guide and found this:

Soooo Soooooo beautiful!!!!! Anyone got a spare US$17,000 lying around? I want two of those Verdura bracelets! I want those for christmas!!!! Is there anyone out there with a good heart? Buy me those bracelets and I’ll do anything. EVERYTHING! I’ll even carry your child!

#5 – Does anyone know a good place where I can buy frames? I thought it’s time for me to rearrange my room and I have this mammoth old poster (F. Romoli reproduction) I want to get framed. I got it from the Museum of Modern Art a few months back. It’s HUGE and I mean HUGE!!! I had to lay it out on the kitchen floor just for me to take a photo of it. I  don’t have the exact measurements but it’s about 7ft. high and 4.5 wide. I could be wrong though but it’s massive, nevertheless.

I don’t think any store sell frames that big but I’ll go to the mall later and see what I can find.Otherwise I’ll have to get some custom-made. A simple, chic black wooden frame would be nice. None of those gold-gilded things whatever. One of my buddies in London is shopping around for new flat to rent and I found this image whilst browsing the realtor’s website.

These are the kind of frames I want. Aren’t they loooooooovely???? I bet they’d look nice with the poster!!!

Weekend Link Dump

  • [here] I love Claire Zulkey. I really do. She loves me too, you know.
  • [here] Those NYC gayz are something. Oh yes. They love queens like me and Mrs. M! I love how those lovely New York City faggots have named me as their most favourite gaysian. Hahaha!
  • [here] Bryanboy on! Fuck gay marriage… I wanna have hot gay sex with a politician!!! Not a corrupt third world brown ricer politician with a 3-inch penis though. Afterall, no amount of ill-gotten wealth or Fendi bags can nullify a small cock. I want Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor galore!
  • [here] It’s nice to hear that the gorgeous folks at Juicy News adore my fat ass!
  • [here] I’m nominated on the 2006 SANDY VAGINAS award! Vote, vote, vote for me as this year’s CLEANEST VAGINA award!
  • [here] YES! I’m finally taking care of my neglected children. I went ahead and updated my little sticker website and expect more updates soon. I can’t even remember the last time I updated my Inside My Bag site — I’ll do it in a little bit though.


My inbox is overflowing with emails and I fucking love it. I’m gonna spend the entire day replying to emails… I need to bring it down to a respectable number. I mean, I have 1,953 unreplied emails… and I still need to fine tooth comb my spam folder for legitimate emails. It’s sad eh? I know I don’t have to answer all of them but I want to. It’s one of those things!

Here’s a lovely note I got from a "Fr. Kevin". I bet you my fat ass he really isn’t a priest. I mean, what on earth are they doing on my site?

Bah! It’s amazing why people even BOTHER.  Oh well.

Thanks for the laughs though and keep them coming.

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. Happy Holidays Bryanboy! Wish you all the big cocks and Fendi bags in the world and hope that that’s what you find under your Christmas tree this year. Your hot ass deserves all the best!

  2. wow, the priest (if he is one) must be a closet case if he actually even bothered to go to ur site. ur tempting him! ;)

  3. i dont know where in manila you are but I usually go to the frame shop at the third(?) level of Megamall, the one where all the art galleries are, and theyve been pretty good and have a good collection of framesticks to custom make one for you.Cant remember the name but there only one store there doing custom made frames so I dont think you can miss it.

  4. Jake Fabulous

    woooo you are finally fighting back in bryanboy style hee hee tha preist will die when he reads that

  5. michelle

    I have 2 of those framed mirrors. Got them from zgallerie for about $400 each. I’m sure you know someone who can send it to you.

  6. Oh Bryan, do you think G-d minds if you apologise while you’ve got a mouthful?
    Course he doesn’t. Because he’s made up!

  7. ei! bryan! and anyone reading this! can you whores help the diwata in me? 3 of my friends, 1 caucasian, 2 spanish-filipinos(!)are going with me to spend xmas in manila. where can we find decent gay bars in ortigas and makati?

  8. cesar silva

    you had an interview with mayor gavin newsome??? omg…hes so hot. saw him this summer in the sf gay pride parade…he does love them gays…hehehe

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