Weekend special coming up…

Written By bryanboy

Weekend special coming up…

I need to get dressed though. I’m late. 2 more hours and hopefully I’ll get to fulfill one of my dreams… to see Mrs. M in flesh! I don’t care if there’s a 200 feet gap between us… I’m gonna bring my eyeglasses! Hahahaha! I really really reaaaally wanna see her. Wish me luck! LOL.

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  1. Saw you at the launch wearing exactly what is in the photo above. I went in shorts because I came from work.
    In fairness, her jewelry was nice.

  2. theamateurmisanthrope

    a lot of Filipinos are like this–gushing over marcos like nothing happened, like she didn’t fucked us up a hundred times over. at least the French chopped off marie antoinette’s head. filipinos are such idiots.

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