Weekend Bender

Written By bryanboy

Weekend Bender

OMG. I think I’m destined to be a matron.

I finally had the chance to wear my nice, new (well it’s vintage so whatever) sweater that I got from "I Love You Store". It’s sooo cute. I really really really love it. I was looking at some of my weekend photos and thought "damn, I look like someone familiar."

And then it occured to me….


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The whole cream and black ensemble reminds me of Chanel sooo much (here we go again with that Chanel jacket fantasy). Mrs. Rottweiler is a good representative of senior citizen refinement. I, on the other hand, celebrated youth last Friday by bastardizing my outfit with a shitload of accessories. I love it.

I love this video clip.

Oi let me help you. You’re probably looking for the way out… or didn’t you bother to read the notice? It says no t-shirts, no flip flops in fact, no you.


I’m gonna have to start researching the necessary steps for me to change my name to Ms. Uma Rottweiler Jr. soon (like Carolina Herrera Jr.) HAHAHAHA!


I kicked off Friday night by having dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in good ol’ Manila called "L’Opera".

I met up with the fabulous Singelringen Swedes Johan Wahlbäck and Jeanette Boren (who are visiting the the third world on a little PR tour), Ricky Baizas, who is the official Philippines distributor of those cute little turquoise rings and his business partner, plus Ana Antonio of Chocolate Clothing, her friend and my buddy BV.

L’Opera photo courtesy of Dessert Comes First

I’m trying to keep an eye on what I shove down my gob cause I binged a shitload last week. All I had was my usual Salmone Affumicato and a couple of gin tonics.

Jeanette and Johan had interesting stories to tell. Remember those Wallpaper* KRONAN bikes (the ones that Swedish army use) from years ago? Johan resurrected those.

I got goosebumps on my arm when he told me that cause I was *this* close to buying one of those bikes. The only thing that stopped me is the crappy third world heat and humidity. No one in their right mind would ride a bike in this shitty weather. Give me an air-conditioned four-door any time. Hahaha!

We went straight to Cuisine (and Embassy) afterwards for cocktails. This is where the camwhoring began. I mean really… camwhoring is fun after a dozen or so drinks. I find it extremely uncomfortable to camwhore in front of people you just met. I guess I *do* have some shame afterall. Hahaha! :P

Work it like you own it.

Ricky and Jeanette.

Johan, BV and P.

God knows how many cocktails I had because the booze just kept on coming and coming. I stopped counting on my 12th glass.

BV, P and moi ended up at Cafeteria for a post-clubbing snack. Nothing beats a nice fattening meal to end the night.

Guess which bag is the lambskin and which one is the caviar and I’ll give you a kiss on the cheek and a oreo cookie.

BV and me.

Mashed potatoes, veggies, fried beef and heaps of gravy. I really have NO sense of self-control whatsoever. I wish I was MIA…

Swallow… and don’t spit.

Fattie fattie fattie fat fat fat!

I swear to god, I am sooo gonna starve myself this week. Enough of this bingeing nonsense. I have love handles for god’s sake! I can’t believe I threw away my "figure" just like that.


More updates later!

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  1. Divalisyosa

    I soo love Cafeteria… its one of my favorite places to eat at the Fort… i love the pastrami and their iced tea is to die for…

  2. The bag on the left is the lambskin, softer and more delicate than the caviar, distinguised by it’s pebbled surface. btw, you have the most marvellous taste when it comes to bags.

  3. bryanboy fan

    I saw you last saturday at the poweplant mall. Actually, I wasn’t sure it was you cos you look a bit different in person. But then I saw you had on skinny jeans and your birkin and knew it was you. Nahiya ako lumapit baka sungitan mo ako =P

  4. u are so vain bryanboy! i love you…lol i just hope that one day you’ll love yourself too, btw what kind of pencil do u draw your jawline on with? ;) perhaps if ur that concerned with ur neckline how but giving us a front profile shot…n/m ur usual complaints about that lovely nose of urs

  5. marmalade

    You got make up on!!!!!!!!! I can see it in your shit.face, You use MAKE UP!!!! fuck, you don’t know how to use it by the way, look at your neck and then look at your face, the difference is HUGE between skins!! you suck FAT ASS.

  6. IT’S OK!!!! You can’t drink that much on an empty stomach anyway…
    Maybe the drinking should go first…

  7. Nina D' Lizard

    How much is the Chanel bag, lambskin or the caviar? I wanna get one here in Manila, pre-owned okey. Not expensive better.

  8. OMG bryanboy, yesterday ur idol PARIS HILTON came to DUblin to launch her new perfume “heiress’…..got a chance to c her in person…hehe

  9. I loveeeeeeeee your blog Bryan. Wish I could go shopping with you someday. Anyhoo, about the dog’s ass pic I see Jesus. The dog’s anus is Jesus’s face and the rest is his white outfit arms spreading out.

  10. whippernsnappergirl

    the i love you store is amazing! and don’t worry too much about bingeing, it’s nothing eating the finger for a few days won’t fix. cheers and stay fabulous!

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